I have become ‘hooked’ on two TV shows on the History Channel; Pawn Stars and American Pickers, probably because I have over the years accumulated a lot of good and not so good items that I need to get rid of.

While both buy and sell for profit, I believe the Pickers are more on the up and up. Why? I believe their offers are very reasonable to the seller and then they tell you what price they will sell the product.

The Pawn Stars way of doing business gives me an uneasy feeling they are screwing their customers. Why? I don’t trust the fact they bring in their ‘experts’ to evaluate their pending purchase. Who says when they call their ‘experts’ they tell then to find fault so they can low-ball the price, and who says the ‘expert’ gives an appraisal for nothing. I never had a free appraisal in my life.

When they say, I can’t get more than X-number of dollars, I’d like to know just what they list it for. One offer did slip out last night when they purchased a very rare book for $3000 saying they couldn’t make much more than had a chance to double their money.

As a former business owner I know you have to make a profit but I never tried to take advantage of my customers.

It is interesting to watch some of the dummies on the Pawn Stars show, the one’s who come in and admit off the get go they need money. If that doesn’t ring a bell in the buyers mind nothing else will. Why would you show how desperate you are for cash; you think they are going to feel sorry for you and give you what you are asking?

I admire the ones who bite the bullet and walk off and I can see the disappointment in the owners face especially when there is something they really wanted.



  1. My only experience in a “pawn” type atmosphere was when I worked for an outdoor retailer and we purchased used firearms, or accepted them as trades. I was always upfront with the perspective seller explaining the entire process, from how I was going to determine the value of their firearm and subsequently what and my offer would be. I certainly didn’t get them all, but I did purchase my share of them during my stay with the company.I was told later that the policy had changed after my departure and they were told to offer one half of what they determined they could sell the firearm for. So greed replaced common sense and now they seldom have any used firearms to sell. I watch some of the shows as well and am amazed how people seem to enjoy displaying their ignorance.

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