In the past few years equal rights has really been in the headlines and has challenged peoples perception of the documents our forefathers forged in establishing our great country and those of the Biblical world.

Many of the changes have benefited the causes of gay right advocates, which has been a hot topic in many conversations.

I was slightly taken aback watching the Ellen show recently, but then thought “Why not”?

I believe everyone who watches her show knows Ellen is gay and married to a gay partner. Anyone who watches the show knows from time to time she presents checks to surprised guests who have incurred some type of unforeseen problem.

Many times she pays for weddings always to a man and women couple. On her show this week she paid for a wedding to a lesbian couple. I was surprised not seeing this before as the couple hugged.

Then I thought; what the hell, why not? Although I think at times Ellen goes a little too far with her gay agenda, I applaud her for the courage to do this and risk ratings.


4 thoughts on “WHY NOT?

  1. Good for you, Frank. If you look at the animal kingdom, of which we are a part, there are all kinds of expressions of sexuality, love, and devotion. In my book, God made us all, and it is all good.

    • Jim said he agrees with you on this one. Well, to add my two cents in………….I have never seen a dog and a cat get together. Dogs and cats may like each other but I have never seen them try to do anymore than “like.” And, I have never seen a blue bird and a robin mate. So John…………….I have probably said what was probably better left unsaid, but no one doubts how I feel about things like this.

  2. No Janet, what I was going to say is better left unsaid. Sometimes the lack of freedom of speech in this country comes into play. Remember there an * after the first amendment. I think that they put in that you have freedom of speech only if what you say is approved by the government first!

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