Tim Tebow who has an outstanding high school and college career in quarterbacking his teams had not enjoyed the same success in pro-football. Instead of his playing ability or lack of in the pros he was best known for his “Teabowing” kneeling in the end zone after scoring a touchdown.

Although he was outstanding in college he was not the number one draft pick; apparently his inability to throw the long pass has hampered his playing time. Although as a back-up quarterback he helped the Broncos win the AFC title in 2011 and a play-off game against Pittsburg, he was traded to the NY Jets with less success as a back-up quarterback.

Now he is getting another chance, this time with the New England Patriots, a 2-year contract, under head coach Bill Belichick who wanted to draft Tebow but was beaten to the punch. He is slated to be a 3rd string quarterback.

A lot of college standouts who have outstanding college careers often fail playing in the pros. What is lacking is a mystery; some who are mediocre and some walk ons become outstanding players.


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