After leaving Fox News, several months back, Sara Palin is back as a contributor (contributing what?) to the morning show, Fox and Friends and will be providing political insight and commentary. Wonder if she reads the newspapers now?

Can’t wait for the ole gal to put her foot into her mouth again.


3 thoughts on “SHE’S BAAAAACK!!!!

  1. Frank, I read with interest your column in the Star: “Young rewarded for mediocrity, so why work hard?” It’s refreshing to see a liberal have the fortitude to articulate ideas that may offend some because they sound…. right wing.

    But then I saw this comment…. I suppose there is no danger you are switching parties any time soon!

    Fondly, Rick

  2. Doc, regardless of the perception I am a liberal, I consider myself a moderate Democrat with common sense. I still believe government is needed to help people get on their feet, but I do not believe in supporting those not in need. I was raised to work and be productive not a leach. Although disappointed by both political parties I am still a Democrat and will probably remain one.

  3. Excellent answer Frank! No one party has a monopoly on good ideas, but the best ones usually come out when they work together. I agree with you, Frank as another moderate democrat.

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