With so many college graduates not being able to find employment, many jobs in the trade market are until led.

A lot of people are out of work, unemployment so high, so it seems odd that it is so difficult getting responses to fill jobs in the trades, but young people are not learning the trades to replace the large numbers who have left.

Around the country, according to trade sources, observers are noting a disconnect between the large number of people still looking for work, and specialized jobs that some employers are still struggling to fill.

Kids today are paying the price of not finding work because their parents didn’t want kids to get their hands dirty. No pain, no gain.


4 thoughts on “NEED A JOB…..LEARN A TRADE

  1. I agree. Go to Sussex Tech where you can learn Plumbing, Electrical, welding, auto Body, Auto mechanics carpentry and a myriad of other trades!!

    • Many of the hands on trades have been dropped for lack of interest. Like I have said before if you don’t have 15 students in a class, in order to keep the class money has to come out of the schools general fund, the state gives no financial assistance. The cost of a teacher, bennies, materials, etc run close to $100,000 a year.
      As a result they still produce trade training but focus on other less labor intent, a sign of our times.

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