I went on the beach at Ocean City today and was shocked to see the damage done by the winter storms to the beach lines. A lot of sand has been lost by the erosion from the winter storms. OC noted from their wide beaches should be concerned by Global Warming and the rise in the sea level.


4 thoughts on “WINTER TAKES TOLL ON OC

  1. I will take your word for it, Frank. I am as close to the beach here in Laurel as I want to be. But, in the words of one of Your Governments Experts from the Army Corps of Engineers; “we are wasting our time and money on beach replenishment. Climate cooling and warming have been going on for centuries and there is nothing we can do about it.” Personally. I hate it! Let nature take it’s course. We will still have a beach, it just might be a few more yards inland and may not include Tourons!!!!

    • C your point John. Studies show wider the beach, better the clientele, less rift-raft. Millions in tax revenue comes into DE and Sussex giving us our lower tax revenue. Hundreds depend upon jobs from tourism. Guess you’d have to say the inconvience you address is a trade-off. Where u work has grown and prospered through new people, once tourists now retires.

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