Approximately 40+ acres are being annexed to the town of Laurel soon, if not already. The land is prime commercial land beside the former Bargain Bills and Oneal’s Antique store.

The town proudly boast it has doubled its size in the last decade, however not one piece of land has been developed. A developer from PA promised to build 3000 homes and had land annexed in back of Tyndalls Pools and across the highway; he is involved in an investigation by the IRS, so kiss that one goodbye.

David Horsey and Company was going to develop a combination commercial, housing, and recreational complex; a court injunction by a few property owners killed that project.

I have no idea where the person purchasing the land mentioned above has in mind, but with sewer and water ready to break ground, their might be some hope he can develop something; lets hope something Laurel can be proud of.

Meanwhile the new school complex continues with notably progress; hope we have enough students willing to attend LHS to fill the building.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for Laurel’s future; just hope it’s not a freight train coming.



  1. May be a little too optimistic but, like you Frank I feel that Laurel is ready to break loose. The new Schools are the foundation on which a re-vitalized Laurel will be built. The big brass at Royal Farms must know something! I am already hearing of several students staying in The Laurel School Dist. that were going to leave and several others coming back to Laurel School. At least it is a start and, for now anyway we are headed in the right direction!

  2. Frank, I see also that the State Bidget committee doubled the budget for “high hazard dikes and dams” to $5 million. Maybe we will soon be seeing “sheet piling” being installed at the Mill Dam.

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