More and more we are hearing the phrase, “I’m sorry” from celebrities for something they said recently or in the past. But are they really sorry or just sorry they are losing their corporate sponsors and celebrity status?

The latest is phony Paula “You all” Dean whose company is being sued for employment practices and during testimony it was brought out that she used the “N” word some time back. Immediately she lost her cooking show, and sponsors have been pulling out left and right.

Today she was on ABC boo-hooing; whether it was because she was telling the truth or she was upset by her recent revenue loss.

A wise man once told me before I spoke to make sure the motor in my brain moved before the motor in my mouth; good advice I have tried to live with, but we all make slips.

As a first generation Italian I have heard all the negative remarks about my heritage there is. I bite my tongue, consider the source and move on. I don’t appreciate the slurs; I have a blended family and I don’t appreciate the use of the “N”word, but life goes on.

I often recall one of the towns drunks telling me once while I was still in high school, how nice a man my dad was even though he was I Talian.

I kinda feel for those celebrities; sometimes unthinkable remarks are made under stress; we all make them.


16 thoughts on “LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE

  1. Obviously celebrities ar not protected under free speech in The Constitution as she is not the first one to have something like this happen to her!

  2. All the good political drama in the last couple of months and this is the best you can do. Come on Frank, give me something I can chew on. Who cares what Paula Dean said. If we had a Republican in the White House for the last few months you’d have worn us out with posts.

    How does one become a first generation Italian? Do you take a little of this and a little of that, mix it up and create one? Spontaneous combustion maybe? Most Italians I know come from a long line of Italian heritage.

    • David, maybe you should think of a good topic for Frank to write about. I imagine if I had Frank’s position it would be hard to think of something where a lot of people might show interest. Personally I like Paula Dean but I have decided that I think she is a liar because I heard her say on tv that she said it “one” time about the guy in the bank. If she thinks people are going to believe her when she said she only said it “one” time in her life she is crazy. If she said, “When I was younger many people used the word and I was like many other people and I said it when I should not have said the word.” Now that I could believe. She made her mistake when she started the crying and then she started to grovel………..I guess because she thought she was losing money. I would have thought more of her if she had been honest and said, “I screwed up and I am sorry.”

      • Nah, its Frank’s house. He can blog about anything he wants. Just trying to stir him up a little and maybe get a little jab in about his silence on politics of late. I’ve never really cared much about celebrities, their lives, what the name their kids, what they say, etc., and I can’t really understand the fascination with them.

  3. Frank, I may be unusual, but I have never heard anyone make any snide comments about Italians. The only thing I know about any Italians that have ever crossed my path is that they are loaded with money. haha My older sister lived with an Italian family after moving to Wilmington to work for the telephone company and she roomed with an Italian family. When I was about twelve years old my most vivid memory is that this landlady spent $3000.00 on her daughter’s wedding dress in 1957. I don’t know what that would equal in today’s money. That dress was beautiful. I bet that was a year’s salary for the average person in 1957, but this Italian family was related to the Capano’s and the Rizzo’s so I doubt it was that difficult for them to pay. I always figured the lady took in a “roomer” to help pay back that money she spent for the big wedding.

    • Opps……I forgot one major detail. I can think of a negative………..Tom Capano murdered Anne Marie Fahey. He is the one who put a negative cast on their Italian family.

    • Jane we’re talking about Sussex County, not NCC where he area is loaded with Italians and Catholics. Dad had a brick thrown threw his store window when he first came to Laurel. Italians were the ones who were of the devil and grew horns out of our heads. Really!

  4. I believe Janet makes a valid point. If you are a caucasian and grew up in the fifties through seventies you heard this word frequently. That doesn’t make it right nor am I condoning it. In my opinion she should have owned it, apologized for it and moved forward. This is another example of someone tried and covicted in the court of public opinion fueled by the media. A noted cable tv comedian calls a child with downs syndrome a retard with no repercussions. I guess the media decided not to fight that battle.

  5. I also thought of David Letterman……..when he was running some woman and if I remember correctly she was trying to extort money out of him or she was going to tell on him. So………..he got on tv and told what he did wrong……..apologized………..people did forgive him and he went on with his life. When Jim comes off the beach and when I ask him if I told the story correctly, he will let me know if I messed up the story. LOL Paula made her mistake whining and crying, etc. She should have just said, “Yep, I did it…………I apologize.” If the people were not big enough to accept her apology, just forget those losers and go on with life. Let them cry in their beer the rest of their lives and remain miserable. You can’t do anymore but say you are sorry. When she started “begging” she sounded “needy.”

    • I agree; back when Paula said the “N” word, in her part of the country and even in the north, the word was used often. Then it came to negro, after awhile that was unacceptable, then black that also became unacceptable, as well as ‘you people’ and now I believe the correct acceptance is African American. I wonder if in the future anyone who used any of the above names, which were acceptable then will suffer consequences. I for one am hesitant to use any of the above.
      How come you aren’t on the beach?

      • Getting ready to join Jim. Had to put on some make up to try to keep the sun away from my face. I get a million freckles even with make up on…………Jim wouldn’t get a freckle ever. Regarding your comment………..I didn’t know black was unacceptable now. But, I have usually screwed up when it comes to being politically correct, and it hasn’t been intentional. When I was growing up a respectable term used was “colored” and I didn’t know it wasn’t used in order to be respectable until probably a little less than 35 years ago. I said to my friend to work, “I had the nicest colored client,” and my good friend ………..this woman said to me …………..”we are NOT colored…………we are black.” Well, I looked at her and should not have said it but I did not keep my mouth shut…………….I laughed and said, “Well,……….. I did not pick out that term to call you………. you call yourselves that…….you know what I mean…………NAA “C” P………that is what you made up……not me. I added, “You are not black either as you are dark tan and I am light tan or beige.” She never really said anything in return and because we were good friends we both laughed. At that point I thought to myself……… matter what she comes out with……….self……shut up as you are sticking your foot in your mouth more with every breath. This lady was my best friend at work and she happened to be “African American” in today’s terms. When I see my dear friend again…………..I am going to try to remember what is proper or hope the subject never comes up again. No matter if I screw up again, I know she will forgive me as I always forgive her. WE ARE FRIENDS and we accept each other faults and all.

  6. A very good friend of mine. One of another color that has been my friend for 45 years prefers to be called “Pecan Tan.” I was always taught that the “N” word refers to a way of life, NOT a skin color !!!!!

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