Why shouldn’t a gay couple living together as a couple be entitled to survival rights the same as a man and wife couple? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to enter a hospital room as a spouse to see their partner, share in the survivals social security or other benefits.

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court declared gay couples can marry and share in the same benefits as others. Not a popular decision to many macho Americans. It has been interesting watching comments on TV from those opposed to the decision; everyone said to the letter, “The Bible says….”. Really, that’s the only reason you can come up with.

I will admit I still have difficulty adjusting to two men or two women giving passionate kisses, but you know they are happy as I would be kissing someone I loved of the opposite sex. Outside of their passion for the same sex, they live as normal a life as we do. They are productive citizens, serve in the military, are our neighbors and now more than ever raise familys.

It is now the recognized law of the land, let us learn to live with it in peace.



  1. Sugar coat it any way that you want to, IT AIN’T RIGHT. The Supreme Court of your united states cannot and will not tell me how to feel about this situation and I do not have to follow thair decision !!!!!!! How can you say that they live as normal a life as we do when their body chemistry is all screwed up and they do not even know what sex they are. And you might consider them PRODUCTIVE citizens but thank GOD that they are NOT reproductive citizens !

  2. John can you rightly say we who are so called ‘normal’ according to your description of he sexes are normal and that our productivity has produced a greater generation? I think not!

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