Being a public servant dependent upon taxes supporting your lively hood whether you be a government employment teacher, anything dependent upon the passage of a handful of people.

Yet the state can squander $8 million to the casinos for relief to help them pay for the increased costs of their vending contract. Granted some 40+% of the revenue received by the state comes from the casinos, but a business is supposed to build in that cost with profits.

Before competition from other states came, casinos were doing a bustling business; Dover enlarged and build a large hotel, which now is struggling and enlarged their casino; the owners of Delaware Park used profits to purchase Ocean Downs.

Only Harrington spent their money wisely making a modest investment in enlarging their facility but keeping a reserve.

Sussex County’s government boasts of no having to raise taxes for almost half a century and having million dollar surpluses to the cheers of thousands of residents in the county.

Yet their employees are the lowest paid government workers in the state, some on food stamps. Retirees who worked their in the 60’s, 70’s snd 80’s saw many on food stamps while they worked for the county, and today struggle to get by.

This year instead of giving their employees a cost of living raise which would continue into next year they were given a one-time bonus meaning if they do receive a raise next year, which being an election year they probably will, their salary would not reflect the ‘bonus’ but would revert to their previous pay year.

The retirees received zilch!

The state’s pay scale is no different; no raise for employees, retirees or teachers.

Yet we keep paying for everyone else’s problems. Delmarva Power is guaranteed a profit each year by the Public Service Commission, a rather large profit. How many businesses have that luxury? No matter how many bad decisions you make you are rewarded.

I have always believed in giving someone a lift if they fell on hard times but not if they are in the position they are because of poor planning.







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