The GOP better known as the party of “NO” is at it again. A bi-partisan group of Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Senate have worked diligently on an immigration bill, and it passed the senate by a large majority.

When the bill was sent to the House the immediate response without blinking an eye by House Speaker Bone Head, (The Suntan Kid) was, “We’re not passing the bill, we’ll have one of our own.”

That’s not the way the system is supposed to work. If their are parts of the bill the House does not like, they are entitled to amend the bill or go to a joint conference between the two Chambers to hash out a bi-partisian agreement.

Neither political party is perfect, far from that, but it appears the Republicans are still hell bent on keeping this country from moving forward.


22 thoughts on “GOP BLOWS IT AGAIN

  1. Moving foreward is definitely not working. WE need to go back a long way to when we had Morals, Standards and a Trust in God in this country!!!!

  2. The bill gave amnesty to all those who broke the law and came here illegally. It did nothing to the millions who are waiting visa/permission to enter the US legally. Some family members are waiting 10-15 yrs, this did nothing to address this problem. The bill would of given persons convicted of felonies the right to stay instead of being removed. Are those the people that you want to stay? The bill did not address the major problem on the borders and the average of 5 yrs of administrative proceedings even after some one inside the US Borders is arrested for being here illegally. This bill was horrendous in the National Security of this country, allowing more visa to Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and other Arab countries if the person claimed they were being persecuted.

    So GOP did not blow it, the idiots in the Gang of Eight blew it, they had no clue on Immigration just thinking about votes.

    • You have missed the point of my post. I did not say the bill was perfect; the bill had good points. The thrust of my post was the House should have offered amendments and if disagreement still occurred it would have gone to the joint commission to work out the details. The GOP is pissing in the wind starting with a new bill and you know damn well the Senate is not going to accept it because they kissed off the senate bill.

  3. The joint commission could not get it right the first time, so why would one expect them to get it right the second time. Why are our elected officials even discussing Immigration reform when we still do not have a budget for this country. There are way more important issues than immigration, our dependency on foreign oil, the value of the dollar, the unemployment rate, we should fix these problems before saddling the American Taxpayer with more debt.

    • I forgot this one, fixing the student loan rate/program. Lets just put more debt on people that can’t find jobs to pay off their student loans. Oops, I forgot illegal aliens who broke the law when they entered the US, is a more important issue.

  4. I’m still fairly confused on this one. Since when do the Dem’s support low cost, non union, foreign labor coming into the country to take American jobs. This wouldn’t be about buying Hispanic votes would it?

    • David don’t tell me you don’t vote for the candidates you think will line your pockets? Everyone does, human nature. By not even wanting to address the immigration law the GOP had shut the door from even trying to gain support from Hispanics. At least make an attempt to help.

      • Ok. I just wanted you to admit that the immigration bill has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with pocketing 11 million more voters. Politics as usual. I still don’t understand your complaint. It seems to me that either way the Dem’s win. No one was really concerned with the illegals in the first place.

    • Frank I don’t read your blog very often for just this reason. I wonder if you’ve ever found any faught with the democrats or Obama? The state of or economy and the scandals coming from this admin, I can’t help thinking if it were a GOP White House and senate you’d be writing everyday about it but instead whenever I have a chance to read your blog its always about those darned GOP’s blowing it. I’m sorry but if you actually criticized the democrats for the poor job they’re doing from time to time, you would sure have a lot more credibility in my book. The bottom line with this topic is this govt should secure the borders until they get AMERICANS working and OUR country back in line for OUR way of life before they spend another minute on helping ILLEGAL immigrants become citizens!!!! Frank, if you would take the time to talk to a few immigrants who have been going by the rules (which I know several) and trying to become citizens the legal way, they would tell you what a slap in the face this is to them. They don’t want to get to the end of there mission, become a legal American citizen, only to have a flood of illegals come right behind them and smear what the American dream is suppose to be.
      None of this matters anyway, its clear that there is not one thing Obama or Reid could do, break the law, bring America to her knees, that you would find a problem with. That’s sad Frank.

      • I have never stated the Democrats were perfect; they have introduced some poor programs, and the good ones they propose fall short in the Senate because they don’t have the necessary 60 votes.
        If anyone thinks the borders will be secured ever, I have a bridge to sell you. People in this country do not know what poor is or understand the freedom we have to do what we want. Immigrants will find a way to come into the U.S. the way drug dealers continue to find new ways to smuggle drugs.
        And Jay is you think securing the borders is going to bring American jobs back to this country, I have a second bridge to sell you.
        Big money controls Congress, both sides, and elected officials need money to be re-elected; so the cheap labor jobs remain overseas. Profits for the stockholders and bonuses for the CEO’s have priority over the working class.

  5. Mr Frank, to say that the borders are never going to be secure is to say we will eventually loose America and theres nothing we can do about it, really? Why arent we seeing the great democrats do something about that? “Big money controls Congress, both sides, and elected officials need money to be re-elected;”, really? Why aren’t we seeing the democrats or Obama do anything about that? High taxes have played a big part in sending jobs over seas. and if you think theyre never coming back, how are you ok with flooding America with more and more illegals we will have to take care of when we are struggling to take care of our own? if the democrats are so concerned with the poor in Mexico, then why dont we see them working with the Mexican govt to make it better there for their own? instead we hand hand out money to a corrupt govt AND take their poor in.
    By the way, Im a blue collar working class who has alot of different stocks in my 401k, I’m glad profits are important to corporations. I’d like to retire someday and afford to enjoy America while we still can.

    • Chris I don’t know who attempted to teach you to read and study history in school, but they failed.

      To pass and enforce legislation it takes a majority in BOTH Houses of Congress. The Democrats do no have a majority in the Republican NO House and they are one vote shy of a majority on major legislation in the Senate. The President does NOT pass legislation; he may have his legislation introduced by his party, but in the case of Obama, Republicans seems hell bent on killing any legislation that would help the economy.

      Your receiving a pissy small return on your 401K while corporations are racking upwards of 30% profits; your working wage is increasing 1.2% while CEO’s salaries are nearing triple digits.

      Struggling to take care of our own? Our fingers are in every country in the world giving handouts and we can’t take care of our own.

      Americans won’t work thus the demand for immigrants. If their were no dirty jobs available they wouldn’t be coming to America.

      Apparently your parents and grandparents were born in this country so you have no idea what it’s like for an immigrant to get ahead with bias people like you. Remember at one stage of your background tree, your blood line came from another country. What if this country wouldn’t open their doors to them; you might be picking rice somewhere.

      • “Republicans seems hell bent on killing any legislation that would help the economy.”

        Good grief, here we go again. Please, I ask again, what legislation have the Democrats introduced to improve the economy that the Republicans are blocking. Please, I really want to know.

    • Chris, as you can see by his response this Frank’s blog and if you say something that he does not like, even if it is the truth he will let you know!

      • I was wrong, even I can admit that! But someone still owes me for a Supreme Court Ruling that I was right about!!! I was also correct about obamma getting re-elected.

  6. Google it David, I’m not your researcher. On the other hand you may find great difficulty finding anything for the common man but a lot that helped big business via the GOP.

    • The same non-answer I always get. I have researched it extensively. I can not find a single Dem sponsored bill that would help the economy, let alone one that the Republicans are blocking. Given the MSM’s incessant need to push the Obama admins agenda you would think someone would have mentioned it.

      I’m not pushing the GOP as a source of solutions. They have no more interest in changing the status quo then them Dems. I just tire of hearing the “party of no” propaganda bs. Calling the Republicans the party of no is like calling Obama hope and change, or honest, or caring or for the people, or another other line you can come up with.

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