Whether George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin in self defense or not will be decided shortly by a jury.

An email I received from a couple of Conservative postings shows a photo of a supposedly “True” photo of Trayvon portraying him as a junkie, one with a large rap sheet of crimes and covered with tattoos. It was critical of President Obama for holding up a picture of a younger looking Trayvon, but supposedly the real person wa not fit for society.

Upon checking GOOGle and the photo was not of Trayvon but of a rap singer.

Will predijuice ever end in this country?



  1. DOJ funded Travon marches, Al Sharpton led the protest, wait they did this before they realized Zimmerman is not white. Where are the protest with 40 people being shot in Chicago over the weekend and 7 killed.

    Will prejudice ever end, no it will not, unfortunately history shows us that it will not. But it does not help when public figures are using race to ignite controversy.

  2. There is too much we have not been told here. George Zimmerman will be found guilty of something weather he is guilty or not. Trayvon Martin’s side of the story will never be heard, the truth will never be known and George Zimmerman’s Great-Grandfather on his mothers side is black!

  3. Oh, Janet you are not allowed to say things like that, I’m gonna tell! Don’t you know that Liberals Cannot stand the truth ?

  4. Prejudice will never end in this country as long as you have parasites like Sharpton and Jackson who live off of the very people whose cause they claim to be championing.

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