What I am about to write may be difficult for a minority to swallow, but regardless of our feelings of the outcome of the Zimmerman, Trayvon trial, we need to set the verdict aside and move on.

I can sympathize how the black community must feel, but I am not in their shoes. If I was I could easily feel the actions of Zimmerman could be called racist and as some have said set black rights back several years.

However I do not feel anything can be accomplished by rallies as being planned all over the country this week-end by the Rev. Al Sharpton. This can only breed more hatred from both sides of the aisle, black vs white, something that would really set the civil rights movement back.

I can see disorder, fights and maybe riots; not good for the image of all races. Their is enough hatred and racism in this country.

As difficult as it may be, can we try to be civil and move on, hopefully with a healing process?



  1. Hey, the guy you help elect for president is stirring the pot. Nothing like keeping the fires going on race and guns. I guess he figures as long as this is front page, people will not ask about the IRS, State Department, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obama Care, list goes on and on.

    • Yeah, kinda like that guy Bush with his wars so we could forget the Halliburton scandals, his administration scandals, unemployment, losing homes, bank scandals, stock market losses, 401 K’s going under; that what you meant?

      • I think what he meant was; What is the Haliburton Scandel????? PLEESE define his administration scandels!!!! Excessive amount of homes were NOT lost until The current Idiot took office. Bank Scandels were NOT the result of politics but rathar Mismanagement !!! Stock market losses and 401k losses all occured AFTER the current IDIOT took office. That is really what he meant. There have been too many scandels and bullshit uder this assholes administartion to even remember. Only GOD can help us now!!! “Prepare to sustain yourself and defend what is yours.” The only reason that Obamma is still president is because it would be an even BIGGER disater if Biden was President !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • That story is so old, “Blame it on Bush” really, this is his second term, but liberals will still try to blame it on Bush. When you don’t have an answer the liberal answer is Blame it on Bush. By the way Detroit is bankrupt, Bush’s fault also.

  2. Certainly not Obama’s fault either; population moving out, businesses going overseas, tax base shot. What progressive legislation did Bush do during his second term to help this country besides keep his defense contractor buddies wealthy.

  3. John a collapse doesn’t happen overnight; Anyone with economic knowledge will tell you Bush’s policy led to the downfall; Billions monthly spent on two wars, money he didn’t claim as part of his budget; Obama put that deficit into his budget numbers causing a much larger deficit than showing. Bush will go down as one of the worst presidents in our history; Obama will be noted for his progressive attempts trying to clean up the mess left by your idol or idiot.

    • OK, sorry, please point out to me where I stated that Bush was my idol! Forgive me if I am wrong! Where oh where have I ever stated that Bush or any other President was my Idol!! Where. Where, Please quote me and I will admit my mistake.. Pleese. pleese just show me where I said This!!!!

  4. This president has not taken a leadership role with this situation whatsoever, in fact, he’s made it worse. How easy would it have been for him, The President, to come out last weekend and publicly calm the unrest and division that the two camera whores, Sharpton and Jackson, have created. He knew about all of the rallies that were planned for this weekend, And he comes out and announces that Trayvon Martin could have been him 35 years ago…what?? He goes on to talk about how bad he had it in his teen years, why?? He should consider himself lucky, There are people in jail serving a lot of time for doing and dealing less drugs then he admittedly did in his college days, so whats he complaining about? This is one pathetic president! He has no leadership abilities. I am 44 years old, I have never seen the racial divide in this country as bad as it is with this man as president. I also think it’s pretty sad that you don’t hear him mention all of the murders and deaths in his own home town, not a word about the 481 black teens who have been killed in Chicago since last year, but he has inserted himself into this case twice now. He really gives a damn about black teenagers dying, right? The facts show he only gives a damn if that black teen was killed by a white person. This man has set racial tensions in this country back decades.

    • Thank you for your conservative view; apparently you missed the speech where he asked for calm and unity, or did only conservatives not read that? You will see ratings come out showing how well he handled it. When you do make sure you are near your toilet; it’s gonna make you sick.

  5. What has he or his administration ever handled? Syria? Egypt? Fast and Furious? State Department Leaks? Economy? IRS? Obamacare not going to cost you more? A Budget? He has no respect from other countries, I was recently in Germany and was asked if I thought Hillary would of been better. In Hong Kong and the rest of Asia they shake their head when you bring him up, their economy is driven on the US economy and policies, which have them shaking their heads, Now he is appointing top donation/fundraisers bundlers to Ambassador positions in key countries. This has been done before but not in key ally countries, he has 32.3 percent of his political appointees are to ambassador positions, higher than either Bush or Clinton, actual Clinton was the lowest at 27 percent.

    By the way did you see another person wanted for attempted murder is from Laurel.

  6. We’re all spectators at a boxing match. One guys wearing red and another blue. Through years of marketing hype the crowd has what appears to be a choice, selects a side and cheers them on. The crowd is actively engaged, each side oooing and ahhing with every blow. Now ask yourself, does the guy who owns the arena and sold you the ticket really give a shit about who wins or is he just there to put on a good show and take your money?

    Think how effective we could be as citizens of this country if we stopped allowing ourselves to be consistently divided into ever smaller categories. We’re all in the same line, being screwed by the same people, we’re just too busy infighting to see it.

  7. Frankie……….Frankie………….I am a democrat as you are aware but I was a mad democrat when I heard what our President had to say about the situation. The “calm and unity” was not a sufficient answer. I was shocked that he was not “more presidential” and he came out with his responses as if he was just “one of the guys who happened to be black” . How can I say this without offending anyone? I don’t know, but maybe it will come out correctly. He took sides. From my perspective………..due to the fact that Jim was a cop………..a black cop does not go to Coverdale where most of the residents are black and align himself with the black people against other people or against other cops no matter what his thoughts are about the situation, and a white cop does not go to a known white area and identify himself with the white race, etc. and identify himself with the whites. You stay neutral. You SEPARATE yourself from situations like that and don’t identify with either race. I was really getting mad and then when I read David’s answer, ………..I lightened up………..I thought with a laugh………..he is just about right………we are in a boxing match. This has to stop.

  8. Focusing on your original comments Frank, we have one of those seldom moments when we agree. I thought I heard that there was some type of rally in Salisbury last weekend? Would time have been better spent crying out for an end to the violence and recent shootings in the Salisbury area, rather than an incident several months ago in Florida?

  9. There were possibly 52 black on black killings in Chicago during the Zimmerman trial. Not a word from the race husslers.

    • I have to do a tongue-in-cheek here Herman; each time I hear from you and your Conservative friends speaking of black negatives they are always from Chicago. Is this supposed to be a racist slap at the President who hails from Chicago, or have all blacks moved there?

      • Why is any comment at all is it considered racist from you? Why not argue substance instead of changing the subject and maybe calling someone a racist. In other words, facts are facts regardless what city it may come from.

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