The Cape Henlopen School District may have an alternative to the religious rights portrayal that the shootings in schools are a result of not allowing GOD in the classroom.

They will hold a vote tonight on a proposal to offer a high school class examining the Bible’s role in society and history, pushing the limits of religion in school.

Supporters say it would not be a religious Bible study class discussiong matters of faith, but would focus instead on the text’s influence on history and society. Students would read the Bible and an accompaninging textbook.

More than 580 schools in 43 states use the curriculum, according to the groups, Bible Literacy Project, website.

The BLP is a consortium of educators and religious leaders created in the 1990’s to find a consensus on how to teach a Bible class in a way that doesn’t upset the balance beteen religion and the state. Good luck with that in Sussex County.

And I’d hate to be the teacher because no matter how good they are a group is going to find fault because the Bible is being used instead of the many other texts that have influenced history.



  1. Religion was taken out of schools because of one woman who is an idiot. The Lord’s prayer has been taken from the County Council meetings because of 2 idiots. The Lords prayer was removed from the IRSD board meetings because of 4 idiots! Non of the above mentioned idiots were Sussex County natives either. I think True Sussex Countians would welcome a class about the Bible !!!!!

  2. Religion, and more specifically the rise of Christianity, has played a pivotal role throughout history. Why shouldn’t it be taught? If you don’t want to take the class, don’t. Should be interesting how they meld the liberal lean this state is taking vs. bible study.

  3. Checkmate Jim; A 3-3 vote with one member absent tabled the issue. It won’t be brought up again unless the missing vote decides how he will vote. If he’s smart, he’ll stay home; it’s a no-win vote for him.

  4. What a cop out, Someone made some big bucks for staying home !!!! The issue should be put to a public referendum, that is the only fair way to decide.

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