Every now and then a story pops up how someone dies of cardiac arrest as a result of being Tasered by police. Usually that’s as far as people read of the article and soon people are up in arms of police brutality.

Nationally since 2001 at lease 500 people have died since 2001 after being shocked with a Taser during their arrest or while in jail.

What people fail to learn in most of these cases is most of these who died were not abused but were on drugs, alcohol or some other substance that makes them act out of character becoming vicious.

I have seen victims years ago when I was a police commissioner on the Laurel Town Council in the 60’s trying to cuff a person on a foreign substance, long before Tasers.

Recently one died from a Taser episode in Wilmington. This guy was 353 lbs, became combative and struggled with officers who confronted him after he led them on a car chase. The Taser guns malfunctioned and they were used many times which may have led to his death. Tests are still pending to see if he was on any type of drug.

Still try to handcuff a 353 lb person who is trying to knock the hell out of you or a person on drugs or intoxicated; they don’t know their own strength.

I would rather be Tasered knowing my chances of living are greater than being shot with a bullet and not knowing if I would survive.



  1. I agree with you. I am sure if a criminal was given the choice as to whether he would rather be hit by a baton or shot with the taser, Being hit with a night stick is going to make someone hurt for several days and the taser is only going to hurt one day.

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