From the day Jackie Robinson set foot on a major league baseball diamond blacks had dominated the roster of most major league teams for years.

Basketball was a white persons game featuring greats as Larry Bird, John Haulicek, Bob Cousy and Bob Pettit; height was not a factor, slam dunks were unheard of.

That all changed when Michael Jordan’s and Shaquille O’Neal’s of the world entered the NBA with their towering height and physical build, and excited fans with the slam dunks, hanging on the basket, and breaking back boards. Now you rarely see a white person on the basketball court, even down to the high school level.

Baseball owners, in a market where the white ball players were out pricing themselves, went south to the Dominica Republic and began recruiting hungry baseball players. They even pay people to scout for kids who don’t even shave who may be a prospect and pay the scout to raise the kid to teach them baseball.

Which has resulted to many players in the major league with names we can’t pronounce. Less blacks are playing baseball opting for basketball.

So what has happened to the American white kids not entering the athletic arena? They are too busy staying in the house playing video games or are strung out on drugs.


2 thoughts on “AN INTERESTING READ

  1. I know many white kids who are not good in sports and they are not on drugs. I think it is in a black person’s genetic makeup to be good in sports. There are plenty of white kids who would like to play ball of some type, but they are not going to make the team as they are not really good in athletics so they don’t even attempt to go out for the sport because they are not going to make the team due to coaches only putting the good black kids on the team. Some kids actually work and don’t have time for sports. I am sure there are some white kids who are on drugs, but the black kids take them, too. For example, do you think the kids living in the low income housing at Carvel Gardens are not on drugs because most of them are good in ball? The last I knew when I used to work for the state they were black and I doubt all of them play sports and I imagine many of them take drugs. Actually I wonder how many of those kids actually graduate?

  2. Whoa! Jimmy The Greek and Howard Cosell both lost their jobs for commenting on the blacks in sports issues! I ain’t sayin nutin !!!!!!

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