Right off the bat let me say using racial slurs at any ethnic group is dead wrong, but how many of us at some time in our life haven’t made inappropriate comments and how many have made fun of our own heritage?

I have watched Comedy Central and watched black comedians constantly use the “N” word when describing their race as well as those of the Jewish race.

What Paula Dean said was wrong, but heck it was years back, and during the time where the environment she grew up around, the south, was common language.

While growing up in this area I heard many white men call their help the “N” word while I shuddered, but it was an accepted thing to say, wrong, but done often.

Uttering a racial slur is no more common than uttering a curse word or using the Lord’s name in vain. But we don’t make a big deal out of a curse word?

Anyone who is a celebrity always gets nailed for saying a racial slur; they are as human as we and have the same weaknesses that we do when losing our cool.

Again, using a racial slur is wrong; being of Italian decent I have received my share, but I always consider the source and the intent in which it was said and just move on.



  1. I imagine just about everyone is or has been guilty of saying comments that they regret. But the only thing I have ever heard about Italians has been good. LOL

  2. First Amendment grants freedon of speech. There are no * or exceptions listed! Most of us get our feelings hurt everyday by something that someone says. Put on your big boy pants and deal with it!

  3. i hate that word, and have let everyone i know that uses it understand it isn’t ok. but there is just something in my gut that tells me if u believe she only used it once a long time ago u must also believe in the tooth fairy. just saying…….

    • Carol, I believe the same as you believe. If a person has used the word in the past………..they did not just say it “one” time. Many people have said inappropriate words that they now regret, and they did not just slip out “one time.’ Reminds me of lies I heard when working for the welfare department.

      • Read between the lines ladies I believe I mentioned racial slurs however inappropriate were used by many during the time Paula was quoted; never saying that was the only time. I know I have dumb written on my forehead, but not stupid!

  4. I sure didn’t mean to offend you, Frank. I was thinking about what I “thought Paula Deen said” which if I recall correctly she indicated she had said the word “once.” Maybe I am wrong, but I am just trying to say if a person has uttered the word once…………they have done it before. My apologies if I offended you.

    • Not the least bit offended; just wanted the both of you to know the word was never uttered once, probably no more than people of today utter. I though the penalty was harsh. I think she’s a fake, but that has nothing to do with her personal life and what she does with it; just saying as my friend John closes with.

  5. frank, my comment had nothing to do with what u wrote. it has been stated repeatedly in news broadcasts that she made the claim to having said it once a long time ago. i have not responded on fb in people’s efforts to absolve her for the same reason u stated. i think she’s a fake too. i have wanted the opportunity to express my disbelief in that story and took the chance with ur story. it felt good!!! lol

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