Try as they may to kill President Obama’s economic programs the GOP just can’t seem to stop the growing economy.

An hour before trading at the stock market opened Thursday, news came reporting the number of people applying for unemployment benefits last week fell sharply.

At mid-morning, a trade group said U.S. factories revved up production last month, and corporate profits were up for most companies.

The Standard & Poor’s 500, the Dow Jones industrial average and the Russell 2000 index set all-time highs with the S&P breaking through 1,700 points for the first time.

Now the GOP wants to shut down the government again by not passing the president’s budget, for the 3rd time. Carl Rove a GOP top honcho says that would be committing suicide since the last two times that happened the country blamed the GOP and they lost elections after those attempts to shut down the government.

You gotta love the GOP; Democrats don’t have to campaign, Republicans do it for them.



  1. the stock markets Frank are a ticking time bomb in my opinion. The reason they are doing so well has nothing to do with anything the president or congress is or isn’t doing. The Federal Reserve is spending 85 billion a month buying bonds, which are directly pumping up the market. Take advantage of it while you can and invest now, but I assure you a big correction is coming once the federal spigot is turned off. Combine this with the fact that over 700,000 of the 931,000 jobs created in 2013 are part time, we are headed for a painful day of rekoning. The USA will be Detroit on a much grander scale. Detroit is proof positive that government promising to many freebees and thinking higher taxeses is the solution, is fatal. But I guess we can have China bail us out.

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