Most remember the movie Dolly Parton stared in and sang the song, “Working 9-5”. Unfortunately today many employees especially in the retail and restaurant businesses to avoid paying benefits for 35+ hours weekly workers, people are working less than the required 35 hours and receiving no benefits.

Unfortunately this is going to be the wave of the future. Today UPS announced cutting off insurance for spouses who have coverage with other companies.

Dolly needs to record another song, “Working 9-2”!


23 thoughts on “NO MORE 9-5

  1. UPS blamed the move on several aspects of Obamacare, including mandatory coverage for dependent children up to age 26 and new government fees.

    “We are making these changes to offset cost increases due to the [Affordable Care Act],” the memo states.

    In the memo, UPS said its health care costs usually increase about 7% a year, but that it expects those costs to climb by 11.25% in 2014 due to Obamacare.

  2. When i worked at the hospital 3yrs ago i had good insurance. I was not able to put my wife on it because she was offered it where she was working,even though it wasn’t as good as mine. I feel thats discrimination.

    • Use to be George that was a benefit for taking a job, offering insurance to a spouse; that’s when the job market was competitive and they offered the moon to get employees. Now with people standing in line for jobs, they can kiss you off; take it or leave.

  3. I have been informed that I will be relegated to part time once Oknucklehead Care kicks in at which time I will join the ranks of the un-insured because working only part time I will not be able to afford insurance! Sure is a great country we live in, isn’t it !!!!!

  4. It doesn’t make it any better when you make light of the situation in posts like this! I can assure you that many like me are not at all concerned about dolly parton having to change the words of her song !!!!!!

    • Bull shit Dy; did you expect him to book a flight on a commercial flight, and kick everyone off the plane? He has security and staff that go with him everywhere. That’s a low blow even for you.

    • dy, the truth strikes again! They just cannot stand it! What makes any of them any better than any of us except they exploit our money for their personal benefit. They don’t deserve any better treatment than we do !!

      • Well you both have been critical but like the Republican Party you didn’t come up with any alternatives; Perhaps Greyhound, Amtrack, hitch hike; like neither of you would have done differently. Again, BS, not escaping the issue, just using common sense.
        I’m sure John if you son had been in Beau’s shoes and you in Joes you would have been trying to fly AF2.

      • No, I would not consider spending someone else’s money on my son’s personal issue! That is probably why I have nothing and will never have anything because I try to never take advantage of others. I would not fly my dog and a bag full off basketballs to my vacation destination either like the other public leach did!!!!!!

  5. Beau Biden was sick and was going to go to a hospital in Texas. Joe Biden wanted to be there with him as any other parent would do. Joe is not going to be using US Air as he has a plane that can safely take him where he wants to go; therefore, he is using Air Force II. Air Force II was all ready going to Texas. What was Joe to do……………..tell Beau “I’ll see you in Texas?” NO, if you were Joe Biden you would take your son with you in your plane due to the fact that it is all ready going that way. It did not cost a dime more to take Beau and his wife with them,

  6. Frank, I would like to see ANY of these people have a son or daughter who could possibly be dying tell that sick son or daughter that they would not be taking them on their plane with them. They would “never” make their sick son or daughter ride on US Air when they had a plane that could get them there more comfortably. If they think I believe that they would send their kid on US Air, they are nuts. I am a democrat who does NOT agree with especially Beau Biden on his decisions, but this is crazy. Of course his dad is going to take him the best way he can get him there. Every parent would do anything for their sick child.

  7. What was the VP reason for being in Texas? This was a schedule medical appointment for Beau after being seen in Chicago then Philadelphia, he went University of Texas M D Anderson hospital on his own. Then VP flew down, his dad did not fly him down there. My point is this administration and previous ones have lost touch with reason, no wonder we are in debt, not to mention the political pull to be seen that quickly at three leading hospitals.

  8. Maybe so, but you have never seen a Republican or a Veteran carry a flag that has Obama picture where the stars would be on old glory. Only a liberal would put him there like they put Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Arafat on flags.

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