I don’t understand the rush to shorten the summer vacation and start school a week before Labor Day, especially since most of the days will be half days.

For those kids working at the beach, leaving work a week early means they lose whatever bonus they would receive from their employees who pay the bonus to encourage kids not to leave them high and dry for the final busy week-end of the summer.

For decades schools in Delaware always started the day after Labor Day; back them because kids were needed to work on the farms. Then when the tourist trade boomed a lot of kids found summer work at the beach.
Then some dumb bureaucrat in Education made the dumb decision they should start school earlier so they could get off earlier in June. Dumb decision.

To me summer officially ends Labor Day; I close my pool shortly thereafter. Nothing has been gained by starting school earlier; I can’t see where kids are getting any smarter, it is still hot, and some schools still do not have air-conditioning.

The State’s Department of Education may be filled with intelligent people; common sense, hell no!



  1. Department of Education was created by Jimmy Carter, the DOE is the one who set the required days/hours students are required to be in school.

  2. That would be the Delaware DOE; each state is different, this is not a federal mandate. Their is a resolution in the Senate for DOE to review the policy. From my legislative experience with the lobbying efforts of DOE, I’d say the chances of the bill surviving are zero.

    • Go read the requirements for Race to the Top money, how many hours for each subject and what is expected. The school has to show they have achieved this for the Race to the Top grant money, where does this come from U.S. DOE.

  3. When I was in school, there were teacher’s meetings two days in the Fall and two days in the Spring. Now it seems that there is some kind of meeting every several weeks. That is why there is a expanded school year.

  4. Would you believe in Ft. Myers, FL, the first day of school this year was August 8!! The last day will be May 28 (unless hurricane make-up days are needed. A few years ago schools were closed one day in Feb because of COLD. Some schools & businesses don’t have heat.) I have no idea about the FL rationale but DE’s schedule isn’t so bad in comparison.

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