I had what I thought to be a racist FB post showing a banner with President Obama’s face, with a mustache portraying I guess Adolf Hitler.

The banner said “Stop WW 111, Impeach Obama.”

My how times have changed; I thought we had WW 111 and IV under George Bush, but I never saw any signs saying anything about impeaching him even though he had no evidence of any wrong doing in Iraq. (Wonder where they hid those weapons of mass destruction Bush said Iraq had) Obama has proof of chemicals being used to slaughter innocent people in Syria.

And the joint resolution if passed by Congress limits the battle to 60 days and that no American will set foot on their land; everything is being done through air missiles.

So for me, based on the banner with the mustache shows me once again the disdain for this president is mostly racial. Had Obama been white the American people would have been as silent as they were while our American troops died in Iraq and Afghanistan.


16 thoughts on “SYRIA A THREAT TO WW111

    • All of the posts I have seen quoting the loopholes have come from conservative publications or Republican think tanks. So I put not credence in those posts. As far as the FB post not being racial, you are entitled to your opinion; so am I.

  1. I normally agree with most of your posts but I must say I am totally against going in to Syria. If you listen to the media the country is behind it and daily they are trotting out pictures of women and babies in Syria to tug at the heart strings of Americans. This totally contradicts the opinion of pretty much every person I have spoken with about it. If you sit back and think about that resolution for a few minutes you will begin to realize exactly how ridiculous that sounds. “And the joint resolution if passed by Congress limits the battle to 60 days and that no American will set foot on their land; everything is being done through air missiles.” Is 60-90 days enough time for them to expend enough missiles so that Raytheon will need to manufacture more? Where did this magic number of 60 days come from? Rachel Maddow made a point last night that Americans are no longer buying the excuse of chemical weapons since this tactic was already abused by the previous administration. Furthermore they are now trotting out the war mongers of years past such as Mr Rumsfeld. Exactly what could he lend to the discussion since he was still meeting and supporting Saddam when he was gassing the Kurds.Also where is the proof that Obama has? Bush said he had proof also why should we believe Obama? When Russia asks to see the proof they are told sorry it’s classified we can’t show you. And that is precisely why this has the potential to be WW3 where the previous wars did not. Russia was not sending warships to the Mediterranean and threatening us over Iraq. And most likely they were laughing at us over a glass of Vodka while discussing Afghanistan.
    In regards to that being a racist picture I think that word is being thrown around way too much recently. Is it only a racist picture because Obama is half black? Would a picture of Obama superimposed over Robert Mugabe be better? But at the end of the day you are probably right the person who made that photo most likely belongs to a Militia and is a closet racist.

  2. There is no proof that it was Assad or government troops were the ones that used the chemical weapons on civilians. The UN inspectors did say there was chemical weapons (gas) used on civilians. However this administration can not or will not provide the proof of this to the countries that would/could stand with us.

    You do realize that the rebels are Al Qaeda, the same group that we are fighting in against in Afghanistan, Yemen and the same terrorist group that flew two airplanes into the twin towers in NYC.

    About the flag, I guess you were ok with OBAMA picture replacing the stars on Old Glory, nothing wrong with that? This was displayed by a woman (white) at the MLK celebration in DC.

    • OMG, one instance of Obama on an American Flag. How awful; sorry but I lost count of the racial slurs, comments, and posters the other way around. I think we should shoot that one person with the flag, don’t you think so Dy?

      You say their is no proof, I say I have read where there is proof. Show me the proof of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Iraq had?

      • Sometimes Frank , you are too amusing. You are concern about a banner with Obama maybe as Hitler. If you were one of the only 540,000 viewers of MSNBC, I can see why you missed alot during the Bush years. Google “George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler”, you will get 2,190,000 hits. As for as impeaching Obama, same thing. Google “Impeach George W. Bush”, and you will get 744,000 hits. One of these is then Senator Joe Biden on the MSNBC”s Chris Matthews Show in December, 2007, when he said that George W. Bush should be impeached. As for as your racists comment, like most Liberals, if you cannot have an honest debate, you call someone a racist in hopes it will quelch that opposite opinioin.

      • Herman you continue to cherry pick; You mention Biden wanted to impeach Bush; what does that have to do with racism, and why didn’t you mention the outburst of Republicans who wanted Clinton impeached. Did Google have that information.

  3. It was not the first instance, you are the one that brought up the flag issue. But once again the liberal in you did not answer the question, do you or do you not support Al Qaeda? Since you are backing the support of the rebels and did not address this.

    Much of the concern among American officials has focused on two groups that acknowledge ties to Al Qaeda. These groups — the Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — have attracted foreign jihadis, used terrorist tactics and vowed to create a society in Syria ruled by their severe interpretation of Islamic law. (Copied from an article in the NYtimes)

    You should read the article, then tell me you still support the rebels.

    Remember when Joe Biden said regarding President George W. Bush and if he takes a nation to war in Iran without Congressional approval, I WILL IMPEACH HIM

    “For the American people to accept the legitimacy of this conflict and give their consent to it, the Bush administration must first present detailed evidence of the threat of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and then prove that all other avenues of protecting our nation’s security interests have been exhausted,” Kerry wrote. “Exhaustion of remedies is critical to winning the consent of a civilized people in the decision to go to war.”

    During an April 2007 speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Obama said the U.S. cannot try to “bully [the world] into submission.”

    In a 2007 essay in Foreign Affairs, he specifically warned about breaking off from European allies: “In the case of Europe, we dismissed European reservations about the wisdom and necessity of the Iraq war.”

    During his July 2008 campaign speech in Berlin, Obama told Europeans that “no one nation, no matter how large or powerful, can defeat such challenges alone.” He warned that “on both sides of the Atlantic, we have drifted apart, and forgotten our shared destiny” and that neither America nor Europe can “turn inward.”

    All I did was google/bing and found these interesting articles. I left out the one from the Kerry and Clinton about Vietnam.

    Also get over the WMDs in Iraq, everyone has admitted the information was wrong.

  4. Public support nationwide is totally against taking ANY action in Syria. Our President and Congress are elected BY US, to support what we want. It is not up not up to them to do what they want (although they have been doing it for years) It is up to them to do what we want. To support OUR agenda NOT THEIR agenda!!! Personally, unless we intend to turn the entire Middle East into a parking lot we need to stay the heck OUT !!!!!!!!

  5. Impeaching and racism are two seperate issues that you mention iin the first comments. Don’t try to tie them together now. Also, we are talking about Obama and Bush. Don’t bring Clinton into the subject. I’m sure if you look into it, every president has had someone who wanted to ioompeach them.

  6. Here is another quote from your hero:

    Sept. 2, 2012, YORK, Pa. (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that Republican rival Mitt Romney is “ready to go to war in Syria and Iran” while hurting the middle class.

    The warning came during a campaign stop in York, Pa., designed to promote President Barack Obama’s economic policies among white, working-class voters. The thrust of Biden’s pitch has been that America is digging out from the 2008 economic collapse and that Romney would take the country backward. But Biden, a foreign policy heavyweight, also cautioned voters that Romney would adopt policies that favor confrontation over cooperation.

    Please put your best liberal spin on this one.

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