While attending the Laurel Bulldogs fateful football game last night I noticed a lot of black Bulldog shirts, black shorts for the cheerleaders, a black outfit for the bands drum major, and black and gray for the color guard.

Last I knew the Bulldog colors were red and white with a pinch of black. Some years back a previous athletic director tried changing the colors to a dominant black with a touch of red and white. The community balked and those colors disappeared. Now they are returning.

Laurel’s first colors were Brown and Gold, and for years under the George Schollenbereger era the colors remained Maroon and White; under coach Bill Pugh the colors were changed to the current red and white, his alma mater colors.

With all the turmoil the school has had I hope they don’t start another trying to change the school colors.



  1. Frank as the mother of the drum major there is no color change I know of. The decision for Carol to wear the black outfit was to distinquish her from the rest of the band. We could not locate the white ones. Of all the things for you to discuss I would hope that you could have found something else. Like maybe the band we have double in size in the last two years and are getting ready to head for our first competition next week.
    Second, we played the 2nd rank school in the state who was up a division from us. They had more players on the sideline to cover anyone who was hurt. We forget that we have the smallest highschool in the state but those boys gave it there all last night.
    Promoting school spirit and unity in this community should be our first priority we have had a more then a few rough years. School colors should at this time be the least of our worries.

    • Bonnie I haven’t been to a game in a few years; when I last saw the color guard they were not wearing the colors I saw last night. I didn’t see a hit of red or white in their attire? In a FB post today I noted the size of the Hawks, and stated I felt Laurel had the potential to have a winning season; at times they showed that. But note St. George’s backfield had some small kids there. But they had blocking to open those hole for those long gains.

      Color is tradition, and yes it is a crawl in my butt to see confusion over school colors. And unless those uniforms are purchased out of someone’s pocket, they are paid with people’s taz dollars.

      I will never be critical of my school, but I will offer what I believe constructive criticism; if a logical answer can be provided I am all ears. Thanks for your support of our school.

      • Frank, the Boosters replaced pants this year and we have to have some fixed which will be coming soon. Each band member is asked to purchase their own marching shoes. We also just paid to have the uniform jackets to be drycleaned. Like all organizations we accept all the help we can get.

  2. Actually we didn’t replace pants we ordered new pants because we ran out of pants and that is problem we like but it is an expensive problem to have each pair is about $50 dollars.

    • Understand, and if you have a fund raiser, let me know and I will donate.
      And let me clarify the game; Coach knew what he was up against and he said last nights game would be a test to see how his team would fare against conference teams. I think the Laurel team passed that test and I think we are in for a winning season.
      We have a coach, staff that eats, drinks, sleeps football. They for years guided pop warner teams to state championships and undefeated seasons. We are very fortunate to have them guide our kids. Not only are they good coaches, but they are excellent examples of what a good person should be.

  3. As a band alumni, and drum major for the Blue Gold band (largest in the state) numerous years in a row, the drum major does not need to be disinguished. As a leader of their peers, they are to be a humble example of expertise in their instrument, musicality, and educational endeavours. As for the colors, it should be all red and white. Whatever is available at the time will unfortunately take precedence, especially since the town could care less about music and the performing arts. Congrats on doubling the size, over two years, apparently nobody now takes the time to remember almost ten years ago when we marched as a team of 4. Or the year after that, when we more than doubled to ten, and tripled the next year. We worked our butts off to raise funds and awareness for more uniforms, as one year, our entire brass line had to march in formal wear (black pants, white shirt, and tie). Not sure where those went off to, but like I mentioned before, no care will be given to the band, as long as there are sports in town. We fought tooth & nail to receive letters for competing, as there were years that we were the only winning team in the school. But did we get the offer to buy a school letter jacket? No. Not even invited to the varsity banquet, even though we earned the very same letter that the football team won, but they had a losing season. I think the bigger issue, regardless of color of the uniforms, or how bad the football team lost recently, needs to be equal support for all of the children in the district, not just those whose daddy and mommy pay for new equipment for their teams.

  4. I would like to add a side note to this conversation. The Laurel Cheerleaders had no uniforms to start this season. The current “Cheer uniform” are shirts and shorts that the girls paid for themselves. After being informed that they did not have uniforms for this year, the girls held several fundraisers last spring and summer to raise money for new uniforms. They were blessed with donations from The American Legion and Sons of American Legion. The order was placed for the Traditional Red and White with trim in Silver.

    I would like to say how proud I am of these young women who have not complained about a bad situation. They just jumped in and did the work to correct the problem because they are proud of their school and town. They also hope their town would be proud of them. Circumstances has caused them to start the year without the new uniforms. The girls are looking forward in anticipation for the arrival of the new uniforms. Thanks to ASAP Screen Printing, we will hopefully get the uniforms a month earlier. In case you are wondering, uniforms did arrive in the wrong color (red, white and black) and had to be sent back.

    I too, love tradition. I also want to make sure you know how hard these girls are working to get uniforms that all will be proud of. We are currently trying to raise funds for expedited shipping in hopes of getting the uniforms before Homecoming. The girls could also use mats and other tools that many other schools have. I am sure they would appreciate any donations you would like to make. Most of all, I am sure they would love to have your support as they work through to their goal. Thank You.

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