PRMC Announces Job Cuts, Closing of Transitional Care Unit
Updated: Sep 06, 2013 10:45 AM EDT

SALISBURY, Md.- Peninsula Regional Medical Center on Friday announced that it will be closing its transitional care unit, with 43 jobs cut.

Hospital officials said that when PRMC’s TCU was opened in 1997, it was created to help fill a growing need for sub-acute services in the Salisbury community. According to officials, 16 years ago, patients who required sub-acute rehabilitation were being delayed in their recovery due to the hospital not being able to find suitable places for those patients to go upon discharge.

Officials said that however, factors such as the changing healthcare delivery model, advances in care, and practice patterns, especially in orthopedics, mean that many patients no longer require inpatient hospital rehabilitation and can instead go home with the assistance of outpatient services. Officials said factors, along with declining lengths of stay and an increase of rehabilitation options in the community, such as the opening of HealthSouth Chesapeake Rehab Hospital and expansion of Genesis Salisbury Nursing and Rehab Center, have led PRMC to a decision to close its TCU beginning Friday.

“During its tenure the TCU and its team have provided exceptional service, but the unit has achieved its goal and a duplication of these types of services is no longer necessary. This is a trend occurring across the nation as the need for in-hospital, sub-acute care is diminishing,” said Christopher Hall, vice president of strategy and business development for PRMC.

editors note: I had noticed the construction of their medical facility in Millsboro has come to an almost complete halt and some benefits for employees had been reduced, a sign of belt tightening.

The tight ;money market didn’t stop PRMC from giving large bonuses to their top management team. Another example of squeezing the poor to give to the rich.

The 30-bed, non-acute unit, located on the third floor of the hospital, is operated with joint venture partner Genesis Healthcare and cares for a limited number of patients who require non-acute, skilled medical services. These services are provided at numerous centers in and around the local community.

The TCU will stop accepting patients Friday and continue to work with patients, families for a smooth transition to alternate care, officials said. The unit will permanently close following the discharge of its final remaining patient.

“As health care is continuing to change, we must continue to adapt. That means evaluating all services we offer inside the hospital walls, as well as the services offered elsewhere in our community, and removing the duplication,” Hall said. “Currently there is an acute rehabilitation hospital and many excellent skilled nursing homes within the community, allowing patients to stay close to families, creating a diminishing need for hospital-based sub-acute care. Given the existing quality community facilities, and our partnership with Genesis Healthcare, it was a logical decision for these patients to be cared for in the most appropriate setting.”

Approximately 43 employees will be affected by these changes, officials said, adding that PRMC will work with these employees to try to find them other positions within the health system or with other skilled nursing facilities in our area.


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