Where were you and what were you doing when the planes hit the World Center on 9-11.

I was on my way to work in Georgetown when I heard the first bulletin on my car radio thinking some small aircraft hit the World Center tower.

When I arrived at the office around 8:30, turned on the TV and moments later saw the second commercial airplane crash into the building. For the first time in my life I had witnessed an attack on the United States.

The remainder of the morning was a nightmare as I watched with millions of Americans the great twin towers collapse like a kid stomping a sand castle, and listed to reports of other terrorist attacks.

Wednesday we have another anniversary of the tragic day when many innocent people lost their lives. This week-end in our church services let us pause for a moment and pray for those victims and the families they left behind.


2 thoughts on “WHERE WERE YOU ON 9-11

  1. I was conducting a management Training Class for all of my new management staff. We were in Clinton MD right near andrews AFB. A member of our Regional staff arrived and informed us that something was happening but he was not sure what. We took a break from the meeting and walked outside and we could see the somke and flames from the Pentagon. I had staff members with family members who worked at the Pentagon and 2 of my employees lost family members in the Pentagon attack.

  2. I was working at the Laurel Napa store when a retiree who tinkered on lawn mowers came in and asked if we had a television. He told us a plane had hit the WTC. He came from just a couple miles from 13a and in that brief time the second plane had hit. I spent that day glued to the radio, then television once I got home, literally in disbelief. All rhetoric aside, but I don’t think this Nation has been the same since. More than human lives were lost that day.

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