<Laurel town’s Alderman Court will not come under the control of the State of Delaware after a 5-1 vote with one councilman abstaining during a recent meeting of the Town Council.

Mayor John Shwed presented a copy of proposed legislation to be introduced in the House of Representatives pertaining to the selection of Alderman’s that would put the few remaining municipalities that still have their own courts under the jurisdiction of the state

The amendment would take away the town’s complete authority in appointing an Alderman was a concern of councilman Chris Calio, (this writers son). Although the bill allows for the town to submit names to the governor and then the governor COULD select those names brought another question from Calio who asked the towns solicitor where it said in the law that the governor had to select those names. He did not receive an answer.

“Are we looking at a case of the state rubber stamping our selections? Either of the state bodies could reject our selections and then the next thing we know somebody’s nephew is getting a job as our Alderman,” Calio asked.

I believe our mayor doesn’t understand the political system when he says he does not believe the intent of the state is to manipulate the town’s decision regarding the appointment of an Alderman, but moreover to ensure the courts are run by competent people.

When the Republicans controlled the state’s governors office for 16 years, I know of a Democrat Magistrate whose term had expired and the governor kept sending names to the Democrat controlled Senate, and the Senate refused to accept the replacement names, and the magistrate stayed on during all those years on an unexpired term of 18 years until a Democrat governor sent his name to the Senate and he was confirmed.

My son grew up in a political family, he ate, slept, and talked politics around the dinner table, and he saw first hand the hard ball that occurs in politics. Believe me this will eventually turn out not only to be a political appointment, but this is the first step to eliminate local Alderman Courts and move everything to the state courts where they can collect all the fines.

Councilman Calio reinforced his concerns and opposition to having state control stating, “I fear sooner or later we will have a situation where the state will appoint our Alderman and we will pay for it. If the Governor and Senate want to appoint our judge them let them pay for it. Thai’s my opinion.”

You go son!


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