It’s beginning to sound like Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s famous comedy act, “Who’s on First” with those companies downsizing blaming Obama care  and the added costs, yet to be proven, to their bottom line. The law which doesn’t officially go into effect until 2014 has become the whipping boy for those who don’t want to admit maybe their bottom line could be because of bad management, or it is a good excuse to dump some dead wood.

 This week PMRC announced their second lay-off of another 50 plus people attributing that to recent changes in health reimbursement bringing their total to over 100 lay-offs; what changes?

The new health-care bill when it goes into effect allows for tax credits and supplements to employers to offset the new premiums so more employees not covered by insurance will be able to afford insurance. 

But on the other side of the county Atlantic General is hiring saying they prepared for the new law starting 3 years back.  Go figure. See link below.




  1. Did you read the article or just post it?

    Franklin believes hospitals are getting hit hard.

    “We lost about a quarter of a million dollars per quarter,” he said, and that’s on the Medicare side of things.

    “We got grants to offset the cost and to hire more nurses to take care of our patients who really need the health care services,” said Franklin

    Did Obamacare fund these grants?

    So when the grants run out which they always do, in usually three years do you think these positions will still be there? How many jobs? Two or Three? Typical liberal spin.

  2. On TV the hospital administrator said the funds were to offset the cost of the healthcare bill; that’s all I know. Not predicting the future, you seem to have the crystal ball for that, the article addressed today’s status.

  3. They have less than 20 full time jobs and most of them pay slightly or at minimum wage. If you look at the open positions, they are hiring 1 full time RN on nights. 7 years ago they would have about 20 RN jobs posted. Hospitals are shedding their more experienced help in exchanged for fewer, cheaper and less experienced help. Politics is well on it’s way to killed the best health care system in the world. You can spin it anyway you want, but you will see a difference the next time you need hospital care.

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