Delaware has released the first real “Affordable Care” numbers, what Delawareans can expect to pay for health insurance under the Obamacare plan

Nineteen plans with four levels of coverage, ranging in price from $193 a month for an individual basic plan to $329 for an individual “platinum” plan were announced.

Coverage ranges from 60-90 percent of qualifying costs along with the usual deductions, co-pay, etc. From first glance it doesn’t appear having some coverage is not going to break anyone’s pocket book.

Full story is below.



  1. No thank you Mr. President! I have my own health plan. Good coverage, good perks, very reasonably priced and, I have had it or a quite a while. YOU participate in YOUR health plan and stay the HELL out o MINE! Thank You!

    • John you have missed something in your reading of the 2000 page document you know so much about; those who have health plans and are satisfied with their plan have to do nothing; The name of the plan is Affordable Health Care, providing BASIC insurance at a reasonable cost or move p to higher costing plans. You’re happy with you plan, keep it.

      • No, it is on page 1776! I read it! YOUR RATES WILL GO UP to pay for those lazy asses who refuse to work and therfeore will not buy healthcare !!!!!!

    • One month ago you posted you were going to be relegated to part time and would lose health coverage due to obamacare.Why are we to believe any of your rants!

  2. Frank if this is so good for the American people why is the AFL-CIO asking for exemption, they were the biggest supporters of Obama.

    This is what will effect you.

    Higher Taxes

    Under the new law, seniors are going to pay higher taxes. The higher taxes on drugs (effective in 2011) and medical devices (effective in 2013) will affect seniors especially, as they are more heavily dependent on those very products. Older people, of course, have higher health costs than younger people. But the existing tax deduction for medical expenses will be raised from 7.5 to 10 percent of adjusted gross income in 2013. The reduced tax deductibility of medical expenses is waived for seniors only from 2013 to 2016. Likewise, older people have larger investments than younger people, and thus high income older persons will be more heavily impacted by the new 3.8 percent Medicare tax imposed on unearned or investment income (effective 2013).

    New federal health insurance taxes—both the premium taxes and the excise taxes—will also impact older workers and retirees. The federal premium tax (effective 2014) will be applicable to Medicare Advantage plans and health plans offered to federal retirees in the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program (FEHBP). Likewise, starting in 2018, there is a new 40 percent federal excise tax on “Cadillac” health plans (defined as $10,220 for individual coverage and $27,500 for family coverage). This will also apply to FEHBP plans, which enroll federal retirees.

  3. My point is IT WILL AFFECT ME and millions of others who did not want it to start with. How many full time employees have already been knocked back to part time because of this. Home Depot just announced NO MORE LIMITED BENEFITS INCLUDING LIMITED HEALTH CARE to any part time employees anymore,ever, because off obammacare!!!!! This will AFFECT EVERYONE!! Many millions will be positively affected but many, many MORE millions will be negatively affected!!! That is on page 911!!!!!!!

  4. ……..
    not to mention the fact that we will have to pay for 15, 000 MORE government employees just to enforce and police this worthless law that the 547 Idiots in washington enforced because Hitler told them we had to have it !!!!!!

    • The problem Jeff, instead of taking into consideration other nations who have health care coverage and looking at the good and bad with each and understanding the diversity of the population and where they live. Our politicians said no we will re invent the wheel and admit to not reading the bill and decide that it does not apply to them, they then passed a health care reform.

      We need health care reform, but not this, it created more Government jobs, more policy red tape, and when the current administration started giving exceptions to the law, you had to figure something is wrong with it.

      Until they kick the lobbyist out of DC, the general population will never have a voice.

  5. I never had an issue with this because the President kept saying if we like what we have then we can keep it and nothing will change. I’ve worked for the same company for 18 yrs and we just got word that they are moving 10% of our employees to part time (no benefits) and the premiums for the rest of us are going up 25% as well as our deductibles are going up and some of the coverages are going down. Our premium, deductibles and coverages have barely changed in 10 years but changed just alittle last year and now with Obamacare kicking in we are really going to get screwed. What happened to the promises of not having to change anything?

    • Tony, not sure if your experience or mine is the norm (maybe it has to do with company size?), but we almost always have a premium increase when open enrollment rolls around, and our Insurance company – while working for the same company – has changed more than once when the employer found a better deal.
      Dropping employees to part time is a despicable step, but as Mr Calio said, this is the employer’s decision. Many companies have taken this step within the last year – Papa John’sand Darden both got a lot of negative press when they began cutting hours.

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