Technically Obama wins how shallow it may be for his baby takes its first step today hopefully addressing the health or lack of healthcare coverage.

The TeaParty by their threat to defund Obama care furthered splintered the GOP and made House Speaker Boehner look like a weak leader.

What was gained…Obamacare was already funded, the GOP’s attempt to kill it in the US Supreme Court, was denied?

The real losers will be the American people by the shut down.

Boehner as Speaker can control the Tea Party members by threat of taking them off important committees and by holding up their legislation.

Lyndon Johnson, Tip O’Neil, Newt Gingrich as Speakers held their members to the fire. Boehner has bowed to a minority in his chambers.

A majority leader can reward or punish his members. Many were critical os Speaker Pelosi, but she cracked a mean whip and kept her party in line on the tough issues.



    • Beth my desk top is down, so I can’t post the story from Google. If u will you will find it was 12 times but only a day or two over budget issues and that number was changed by both sides according to Chris Matthews who was Tip’s top aide. None were major shut downs as this one and the onr 17yrs ago. This one in my opinion is unessary because funding was in place for Obamacare and upheld by the Supreme Court. The fight should be with the debt limit.

  1. Who wins? Not the families of the 5 military personnel recently killed in Afghanistan. Just when you think Obama and his people can’t go any lower, they do!

    • Bob come on, cheap shot; you are intelligent enough to know you can’t cherry pick and choose; who stays open, closed, receives benefits, who doesn’t. As much as you dislike the healthcare act you are smart enough to know it is law, in operation, and is not going to be shut down with those receiving benefits already including students till 26, and those who were previously uninsurable for starters. Tell me why if Bone Head is so sure he’s doing the country a service, why doesn’t he bring the bill up for a vote and allow the Congressman to show their colors. I’m betting the votes are there to open government.
      If this shutdown and lack of a line of credit increase stalls, 4 million American veterans won’t receive benefits this month; what do you want to do when we run out of money; you going to pick up the tab; by the way take care of my social security check while your at it.

      • Not a cheap shot! For the Obama administration to make a rigid coupling of the death benefits to the debt debate is a classic “can’t see the forest for the trees”. Obama could have made a real positive out of this by signing an executive order to authorize payment of death benefits.
        As far as Obamacare, I support letting it proceed ahead at full speed because it is a disaster in the making. Let’s proceed with the attempts to fully implement it and see what the results are. I do know my insurance is going up at least 60% largely because the big insurance companies that supported Obamacare are going to make windfall profits, under the new law, because of their ability to raise deductibles and copays.
        Finally, to your point about not being able to cherry pick and choose, that is EXACTLY what the Obama administration is.doing.

    • During the so called shut down, where is the money coming from to keep WWII veterans from seeing the WWII Memorial? It is an open memerial, yet I guess volunteer park rangers are not letting them see the memorial.

  2. With sue happy people there still is a liability responsibility with the government. What if a disturbance happens, people are hurt, you don’t think the government will not be held liable. And if your GOP friends had moved forward, let the healthcare act move forward we wouldn’t be having this discussion.
    Now with the polls showing how disgusted the public is with the GOP they suddenly want to move on. Interesting. And Ted Cruz polls have dropped 16 points since his stupid filibuster.

    • Frank, you conveniently forgot the big gathering of the illegal aliens on the CLOSED mall at the same time that access to the WWII was being severely restricted. And there were disturbances and arrests. Your logic fails from it’s own weight, as usual. P.S. We would still be having the debate about raising the debt ceiling.

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