Whether you are for or against the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare the first week enrollment was opened history was made.

An estimated 2.8 million Americans went online to inquire or purchase the new insurance plan causing many delays and in some instances causing the internet to crash.

Millions of Americans can now shop for affordable health insurance at affordable and competitive rates, allowing those who haven’t been able to have preventative health care now find it a reality. Hopefully more preventive care will allow lower health costs instead of having to avoid preventive care and ending up in the emergency room or finding you have waited too long for a cure.

The thrust of this bill is not another welfare bill, but for the millions of Americans who work hard, pay their taxes, raise a family, but can’t afford health coverage, certainly peace of mind for any parent.

Their will be horror stories, glitches, and the bill will probably be amended, but this is the first start in attempting to curb rising health costs. Only time will tell what the future of this bill will be.




54 thoughts on “HISTORY MADE THIS WEEK

  1. How many MORE than 2.8 million received their letters this week, as I did, tripling their premiums and/or cancelling their insurance altogether. I have found 11 other people that got these letters but I have found NO ONE that has signed up for the Obamma Mandatory Care act. I am still waiting for all of the “experts” who are defending the obamma mandatory care act to give us some rock solid information as to why it is better, they are defending an idiot with no more knowledge about the situation than the rest of us have!!!

      • Whatever my insurance status is, it is none of the Governments business and, at least I can come on here and say what I want under my full name because I have nothing or nobody to hide from !!!!

      • Guess I’m living in la la land; I have a large family and none have said anything about premiums being raised, nor have any of my circle of friends and I have about 6 different doctors and none have said a word to be about not accepting my insurance or have seen no signs in their offices saying certain insurance won’t be accepted.

  2. Well my parents are now happy that they can select an insurance company instead of being forced to a specific company. So I guess the current score is 11-1. This bill is not the answer and as Mr. Calio states there will no doubt be amendments. It will however benefit the less fortunate among us but will also increase costs on some in the middle class such as myself. But I am ok with that. What I am not OK with is these clowns shutting down the government because they simply did not get their way. I have to ask myself what is their true purpose, what is the end game? Who is pulling the strings so tightly that they would force a segment of congress in to these extreme measures? They certainly are not voting in the best interests of their constituents since the Republican districts stand to benefit the most from the ACA. I would love to visit Assateague National Seashore today unfortunately I can’t since it is CLOSED!! Thanks!!

  3. You stated it is not welfare, but it is for some. There are federal subsidies for those who can’t afford it, so how does it become Affordable Health Care, if you can’t afford it. Can you guess who is paying the federal subsidies, yep, the middle class again!!

    • So what would you call
      a business owner writing off a 60000 pickup truck in one year, while just driving the truck to his place of business like I drive my vehicle to my job.so ,let’s not get started on the welfare line

    • Huh? You are saying there is no federal subsidies? Wait and see what? That not just your doctor or specialist visits cost increase but also dentist and veterinary cost have increased because of the medical device tax. Have you read the bill? I have, and can send you the link, it is in PDF so you can read it.

      Have you even gone to the site and see what the cost would be to you for health insurance under the “Affordable Care Act”. I have, I would have to pay over $11,600 a year and then have over $12,000 in deductibles before the coverage would begin, this was not the premium plan. This is Affordable Health Care?

      No, you will not Frank, because you are just one of the sheep with the wool pulled over your eyes.

  4. Right now the bottom line is that the government is shut down and obamma is holding the country hostage over this controversial legislation. He needs to give up. The house of reps. represents us and right now they are doing their job representing the majority of the people that do not want this healthcare legislation.

  5. Mr. Calio, one of my teachers taught me that people resort to insults when they can no longer debate the logic of the arguments being presented.

  6. Mr Calio and Jeff, can you at least admit Obama sold a lie to the Anerican ppl? He DID say that if you like your ins and you like your doctor, this won’t affect you. It has sure affected me in a major way. Everyone I know is having their premiums increased and many doctors are making the decision to not accept it.

    • If it is affecting you ,it is because your employer or doctor chose to be affected.Obamacare is being used by employers to screw there employees.how many CEOs and executives have lost there coverage.Obamacare is all based on prevention to lower costs.not going to happen overnight.As for me,I favor the single payer system where everyone is covered through the government.Obamacare is not government run insurance,but the biggest expansion of private health insurance ever.

      • Companies are make tons of money,while screwing their employees.do yo think the stock market has hit all time highs because they are losing money.Doctors are also doing just fine.They done need anyone’s sympathy

  7. The Obama administration is being accused of “burying” key changes to the federal health care overhaul, as discontent grows about the roll-out of the law.

    The latest surprise came this week, when the Associated Press reported that individuals will have to obtain insurance coverage by mid-February in order to avoid an IRS penalty.

    That’s six weeks earlier than the March 31 deadline that previously was cited.

    While an administration official confirmed the moved-up deadline to the AP, the reason the public now knows about it is because tax preparation company Jackson Hewitt pointed it out.

    Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., in a written statement, blasted the administration for not being more up-front about these significant changes.

    “This law is about as clear as mud, and instead of helping Americans understand their new obligations, the Obama administration has been burying important changes — not announcing them boldly as you’d expect an administration that’s proud of its new health care law to do. Americans deserve better from the officials who are so committed to implementing this train wreck of a law,” he said.

    The ObamaCare insurance exchanges already are open for business, though the roll-out has been plagued by technical glitches. Presuming the problems are worked out, the administration expects individuals to get covered by early 2014 or face a fine. According to the AP, the reason the deadline to get coverage moved up is because of the time it would take to process applications.

    Jackson Hewitt found individuals would have to apply by mid-February in order to be covered by the start of March. Since coverage typically starts at the beginning of the month, individuals would not be able to wait until March 31 to sign up and still avoid the fine.

    Alexander pointed to several other announcements and changes that were unveiled in obscure places or press reports.

    For instance, the administration announced it was delaying the requirement on some employers to provide insurance coverage via a blog post (though it was widely noticed in the media).

    The Wall Street Journal also reported, in advance of the launch of the exchanges, that there were significant design problems with the website healthcare.gov.

    Alexander noted that another issue concerning whether the government could verify eligibility of applicants was “buried” in the Federal Register.

  8. Scandalous Dy, we must kill the healthcare law now before it destroys this country. We need to stop focusing on the issue at hand, the GOP meatheads in Congress. Can’t you come up with something with some meat in it for not wanting healthcare? When did I ever say the bill was perfect and it would never need fixing; NEVER! Then how often have I asked you for a better solution and received an answer? NEVER! All I hear from you and other ‘most informed’ people who know all about the 2000 plus bill is it won’t work.

  9. It is the continuous lies and deceit from this administration.

    When are you going to realize he lied to you? The death benefits, AP broke the story, it was Holder and White House lawyers that made the decision. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting groups, Syria, keeping veterans from the WWII memorial, but allowing illegals to have a rally. The press (not Fox News) is now reporting that Obama has chilling effect on Journalism. Hell if this was Bush ya’ll would of had him impeached by now.

    I guess you are one of the 37% that still approve of him.

    • Can you send me the link about the illegals; can’t find it anywhere in my research. As for impeaching Bush We figured a full 8 years of him in office was the best campaign weapon the Democrats had to assure a Democrat would be elected the next several years until the public forgot what an awful 8 years they had under his lack of leadership.

      • Really Frank, you don’t know about illegals allow to march at the Mall during the shut down and you cannot find anything. You need to check someplace else besides MSNBC. Type in,”illegals march at Mall during shiut down”, there are pages of stories.

    • I would like to see a comprehensive listing of all the entitlements “illegals” are receiving and please refer to federal/state code/policies not links by opinionated politicians/ journalists. And please, my Love protected and served our country and was demoralized and hated while in the jungles of Vietnam and if he does not have an issue with allowing babies born in the USA
      (American citizens)…receiving WIC or food, why should anyone else?

      • Get your favorite refreshment, google “benefits that illegals receive” and enjoy your reading. Be sure to include the states, not just federal. Some states like Maryland allow in-state tuition for illegals. Your child will have to pay a higher out of state tuition to go to a Maryland university.

        The one I cannot understand is they have broken a federal law and nobody cares.

      • google illegal aliens in prison, find out the CA pays near a 1 billion a year, average cost for detention of an illegal alien is $72.00 a day. Ask your insurance agent why car insurance is going up, un insured drivers, then research the number who are in this country illegally.

        Frank, I am not anti social program, but it should not be given to people in this country illegally, also one of the requirements (it is not enforced) work card or permanent resident is that you will not receive public assistance. Also public assistance should not be for ever.

        Kathy you and Frank, should research the cost of illegals aliens, and these individuals hurts people trying to come to the US legally because of the visa system that is in place.

        I know what the cost is, I have dealt with them for over 20 years, I know the Immigration system is broken and was around the last time that we granted amnesty, what a fiasco that was, all of the fraud that was involved. On the bright side, got a lot of overtime finding all the criminals and sending them back.

    • Yup, as usual, Frank is accurate…..Frank has been a mentor to me forever….that is why I am so willing to help people and treat all fairly. I try to surround myself with positive peope, thoughts and actions. Negativity doesn’t work for me.

    • Of course, you never, never pick and choose. Straight and narrow and middle of the road you are. You do not want to admit that some illegals do receive American tax payers paid benefits of some sort.That could be from daycare to medical cost to cost of imprisonment for crimes. Then there are those special deals like the education one in Maryland and several other states.

      • Well Herman, I’ve never had an illegal tell me they receive benefits, but you know at this point if we can give benefits to lazy ass Americans who don’t want to work, I’m all for giving benefits to illegals who want to work. They are here doing dirty jobs lazy Americans don’t want to do. If it wasn’t for foreign labor you probably would be eating crow tonight for dinner!

  10. Have you asked an illegal if they have received government handouts? It’s a good thing your children are out of school and want to go to a Maryland school of higher education. Paying out of state tuition versus in state tuition for illegals may ruffle your feathers a little bit. Then again, maybe not.

    The bottom line is they have broken a federal law. Why do you want to reward them for an illegal act? Question, do you think they should get a free pass on anything other illegal act that they do? This country is based on laws to protect its citizens. Maybe everyone should get a pass the first time they break the laws of this country.

    One more thing. Wow, you sound like a conservative when you say,”if we can give benefits to lazy ass Americans who don’t want to work”.

    By the way, I’m having spaghetti tonight. Thank you to your Italian heritage.

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