History tells us the Native American Indians received a royal screwing from the Americans early on. One only has to travel in Indian country as I did a few years back in AZ to see how they live today; on land you couldn’t grow weeds on, solid rock, land they were ‘given to’ by the white men. They sit on roadsides selling their hand-made trinkets. Their struggles are still ongoing today.

However that being said, I can’t understand all the ruckus about changing the name of the Washington Red Skins because it discriminates against the Indians. They have been the Red Skins since I was a kid; although similar complaints have been filed over the past few years, this year the opposition has gone to the NFL Commissioner trying to force a name change. The owner vows to change the name not only because it is the team’s symbol but I’m sure the expense to change the logo; however look at the money he’s make selling the new logo, jerseys, etc.

Yet nothing has been said about the Cleveland Indians, or the Atlanta Braves. I always thought the Red Skin symbol of an Indian symbolized bravery and courage. I never looked upon the symbol as degrading the American Indian.

Can someone tell me what I am missing here?


8 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN A NAME?

  1. Atlanta Braves changed their logo this year to just an “A” on the caps.

    North Dakota University had to change their name back in 2011, Florida Seminoles reached an agreement, they have made high schools change their names also.

    You forgot the Chiefs, Chicago BlackHawks, are the Irsh insulted with the Boston Celtics logo, a potbellied Irish leprechaun smoking a pipe? What about the Washington Wizards, is not the head of the KKK called the Grand Wizard?

  2. I have to agree completely with you on this Frank especially your interpretation of the meaning of the Redskins in the context of a team name.

  3. Does the Notre Dame Fighting Irish discriminate against the Irish? Does UMass Minutemen discriminate against women? Does Delaware Blue Hens discriminate against chickens? I know, I went to far on that one! Where does this PC crap end?

    • And the Italians didn’t like the way they were portrayed in the Godfather, and the Sopranos or the way they run down Al Capone; we are peaceful fun loving people, wouldn’t hurt a fly. Wanna piece of me?.

      • First, everyone has been shown in a negative matter at one time or the other. Second, we are both too old for this silly crap.

  4. From what I have found… Washington Redskins started out as Boston Braves. Someone named Marshall, Bendix, O’Brien, and Doyle held the franchise the last three dropped out of the investment, leaving Marshall the sole owner of the Braves The team moved to Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox) the next year, and Marshall changed the name to the “Redskins” apparently in honor of then-coach Lone Star Dietz, a Native American (he claimed to be part Sioux, but his actual ancestry has been challenged).
    Seems to me it was a term of endearment, not a slur as some would want people to think. Comparing “redskins” to the “N word” was not how Marshall was thinking.

  5. As far as history, Marshall was an avowed rascist & swore he would never integrate the team. Washington was the last NFL team (& a losing one) to field a black. The league pressured him until Bobby Mitchell was acquired in the early 60s. Marshall wanted his team to appeal to the “old” South. At one time the team song said they were champs of all Dixie. I think the derogatory term “Redskins” will be changed in the near future.

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