If you purchased that rookie care of Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire all with career high home run records hoping to send your kids to college, you’d better be looking for a second job.

Dealers in sports memorabilia have had to deal with numerous problems in recent years; a sluggish economy, high sports licensing fees, and an oversupply of merchandise.

But nothing has hit them as hard as the recent PED scandals leaving them with a glut of once premium cards that they can’t even give away, mostly because the once high branded athletes caught up in the drug use scandal will never make it to the Hall of Fame, usually an incentive to purchase their cards while they are still active players.

In one store  when Mark McGwire and Sosa were battling it out for the single-year home run record, that card was selling for $150; today that same card sells for $25.

A rookie care of slugger Rafael Palmiero sells now for $4; a Barry Bonds autographed bat, not a game bat, just a bat, was selling on QVC for  $1,299. Today the dealer says he can’t get $350 for the bat.

Speaking some time back with local sports authority and sports memorabilia collector said the entire sports market has collapsed. He frequents sports shows and usually has a table. He says he has come home selling almost nothing.

Mentioned in the recent article I read today the sports dealer said in 1998 a Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card, the 1982 Topps version, sold for $75, and the “Traded” set version sold for $225 to $250. Today he stated they go for $30 and $150, respectively.

Which leads me to ask; what is a good investment these days?

Maybe we should revert back to burying tin cans in our back yards.



  1. This is the only area where the juicers are losing. It’s a shame but they will not lose a ton of $$ from suspensions, the Hall of Fame is no longer what most players dream of, so that’s no longer important. Any money they actually have to give up they can write a book or do a tell all interview and make it back. They cheat to get a big money contract then get caught and play the I’m sorry game…. sorry you got caught maybe but not sorry you did them.

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