Whenever it appears that a white celebrity uses the “N” word or a racial slur, their empire shatters and they are forced to resign a position or are fired.

It will be interesting following the route rap singer Jay-z will take over the next few days following a racial profiling incident by employees of Barneys, a clothing store which is endorsed by the singer.

Apparently according to news sources, fans have taken to social media calling for the superstar rapper to end his deal with the upscale retailer which planned to sell his clothing line for the holidays amidst reports of allegations revealed by the Daily News that two black shoppers were racially profiled after legally purchasing items at Blarneys.

The “99 Problems” rapper, who stands to make millions in a deal selling exclusive wares at the upscale store over the holidays, has been silent about allegations. He’s failed to respond to numerous request’s for comment and ignored a hornet’s nest of controversy on social media.

One young male black customer was detained after purchasing a $350 belt, another after a black female purchased a $2,500 hand bag.

It will be interesting to follow the outcome of this issue to see if money talks and Bull Shit walks. The shoe is now on dthe other foot.


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