I can’t understand all the fuss over the charges the U.S. is spying on other countries, some of who are our allies. Some Americans think this is a terrible thing to do.

Spying may be a harsh word at this point; I’d like to think keeping tabs on activity would be a better choice of words in this situation.

Americans need not think countries are not spying on us or have people planted in important positions stealing important government information from us.

Spying, ear dropping, snooping, whatever you want to call it is as common today as the common cold; it’s everywhere. Industries spy on each other, stealing signals from baseball coaches, reading lips of football coaches; what’s dthe big deal?



  1. Isn’t spying the same thing as “gossip”? If somebody says it, somebody hears it, somebody it. It is just how the information is obtained. Yeah, been people “snooping”, “spying” since people learned to communicate.

  2. I don’t have a problem with spying on other countries and I am not sure why this information was released by Snowden. Your exactly right this faux outrage from other countries is laughable.
    I do however have a problem with the US spying on it’s own citizens in the name of the war on terror. Instead of Wars on terror and drugs we need a war on education. That’s the problem.

  3. The problem is not that the U.S. is spying, the problem is the U.S. was simple enough to get caught. Of course they spy on us, it’s how American Idol chooses it’s winners.

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