Government is not known for making common sense decisions; another one is on the way.

WBOC-TV reported last night the Social Security Office in Georgetown will be relocating to Lewes sometime next years. No details of course from the SS office.

The majority of federal state, and country offices and services are located in Georgetown. Why? Because it is the county seat and centrally located for all residents to be served.

Congressman John Carney has his office looking into the reason for the move which makes no sense at all.



  1. Hopefully Rep. Carney ( or his office) will contact me, as promised! Will share when I hear from him. DUMB decision which will create additional hardships on seniors and those with disabilities.(esp. since public transportation in Sussex is almost non-existent…except the summer routes at the beaches)

  2. An article in the News Journal this morning states one of the reasons for the move was the rent was less. Give me a break. As much as the Federal Government wastes in spending this has to be the largest basket of BS they have presented to the public.

    • I’m still waiting for the $ 400.00 error that was made last year on my Social Security deposit. I guess that is a low priority item when you have, in my opinion, political pull from all the come here retirees along the beach maybe who are asking for this.

    • Rent = less…are you kidding me? I really believe that one…will contact Rep. Carney’s ofice Friday to see if that reason is also given….BS is 100% correct!

      • Kathy I do believe they received a bargain in their rent; the buildings are on the left going by the Vineyards owned by the Schell Brothers and all the stores are vacant, have been for several years. They desperately need a tenant. Empty stores don’t; pay the mortgage. Still the logistics of the location don’t add up, along with the traffic, not only in the summer, but year round.

  3. Schell Brothers…OK….need you say more.
    The State (and Feds) do prefer to rent…ex. my building…we rent it from the Town of Laurel…used to know the monthly rent back in 2001, when we relocated. wonder what it is now?

  4. Salisbury, Georgetown, I don’t think it makes any difference. I contacted Senator Carper’s office in September. Still waiting. This is the federal government that I am dealing with now remenber.

  5. It took eleven months, but I finally got the $ 400.00 that had been mistakenly deducted from my deposit. Our federal government at its best. With all the behind the scenes illegal nonsense and the flat out lies, its no wonder most have a lack of trust in our governments now days.

  6. Probably in the same boat as everyone else. Got a COLA increase of .015 %, my Medicare cost went up and my monthly deposit is now
    $ 14.00 less than last year.

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