I don’t know what is going on with our school board, but I encourage parents to follow this link below to find out what is happening between our teachers and administration, and how their decisions will affect our children’s learning.

It appears the administration and teachers are not communication; this is not good.



  1. Mr Calio,
    Maybe they’re taking a page from our President and Senate. You know, change the rules so you can do what the hell you want to!!!!

  2. Classic negotiation tactics by the LEA. Throw out issues and accusations against a body that can’t respond and get the public all worked up. Do you really believe the district would neglect the students? They have family too that works and attends Laurel. Think about it

    • it seems the students got neglected when new administrators got extra money. there are teachers afraid to speak up that think the public needs to get worked up. teachers may be responding to classic negotiation tactics by the district. the board has been asked many, many questions they could have responded to over the past several years. the classic response is, ‘ i’ll take that into consideration and get back to you.’ it never happens.

      • The district’s negotiating tactics are not “classic’, Carol. They are extraordinary. The provisions they are trying to remove from the current contract were negotiated in the 1970’s and were in force for more than 40 years. This administration is willing to do NOTHING for the teaching staff, and demanding much more in terms of hours and effort from teachers. All while padding their own pockets and resumes. SHAMEFUL.

    • The “body” that you refer to can and has responded – see the Laurel Star 2 weeks ago. Mr. Ewald publicly posted specific information about the teacher contract currently under negotiation in a letter to the editor. Therefore, if he wanted to deny this allegation he could do so. There is NO truth in your suggestion that the Board and administration cannot respond. Both sides of the negotiating table have given legal notice that they plan to share information publicly (all constraints are removed). Mr. Ewald will not deny what is written on the LEA page because it is true and undeniable. And if you think that students have not ALREADY been neglected than you are sadly naive about what is happening in Laurel schools.

  3. Mr. Calio, writing to you from Highland Park, NJ, where we are keenly aware of these issues in education as well…would love to have a more detailed conversation with you….

  4. Once upon a time, the Laurel School District did have a schedule for purchasing new textbooks. I should admit that I was never a fan of textbooks. Too often they are poorly written yet drive the order and extent of teaching. However, the district allowed teachers to use “textbook” money for alternatives that could be immensely beneficial to students. All areas of the curriculum were included, included Fine Arts. This enabled teachers to make strategic purchases that did improve the quality of instruction. That the district now has rescinded this cycle of purchasing on the part of teachers now means that they are taking control of more funds to use for administrative overhead and are taking away money that used to go to student achievement. SHAME.

    • the term ‘classic’ as it was meant above, koko, was that these tactics are typical for this group and the way they have been operating.

      • You make an excellent point, Carol. Looking above, I wasn’t actually disagreeing with you, but was simply sharing another view of this dismal situation. Thanks for commenting.

    • but i understand they have suggested by form of a letter that the teachers use the website and apply for their supplies thru this site. how generous of them. u can apply and hope u r chosen to receive ur supplies, in bits and pieces. how embarrassingly horrible is that. not only can teachers not get a minimal raise, but they should now beg for their supplies. some teachers r doing it. some refuse to abdicate that responsibility that the district always assumed to some unknown source in the hopes that they might get what they need.

      • Yes, I am familiar with this new approach, To say that this resource is now available to teachers is thoroughly misleading in so many ways. Whatever happened to administrative responsibility (under the contract) for maintaining adequate working conditions? Now the only responsibility administrators seem willing to take on is padding, of their resumes and salaries. After that teachers are on their own, with no money, no power, no possibility to shape their own work. It causes me to recommend two ideas, advise college students to avoid teaching as if it was a plague, and call for the elimination of all administrative positions altogether and make the profession more like a law office. All are professional level and all have the power to shape their own experience of teaching.

  5. it would be so wonderful if a school could divorce itself from the admin. and run itself like a private business. guess that would not be a free education for the masses, but, instead, a glorified private school.

    • I’ve had people often tell me the school systems all over would be better served having a person with a business background not an educational background running the education system.

      • I think we are seeing the results of this business oriented approach to education now, Frank, at the state level. Mark Murphy, current Secretary of Education is pumping millions of dollars into private educational companies and growing the Department of Education staff to 500. This is in contrast to an approach that would put these monies directly into schools. Mr. Murphy may have been a principal at one time Frank, it is difficult to uncover much information about him, but as CEO of 2015, he brings the views of pro-corporation individuals to the entire state of Delaware. I favor a traditional approach to education, Frank, relying on people steeped in educational values, procedures and methods. I believe there are many examples of schools using these frameworks that produce world class students. Mr. Ewald would like you to think that he is an outstanding educational leader, with knowledge and skills that would form such a culture, but, IMHO, he is an empty player with no real skills or knowledge to contribute. Hiring him was a huge mistake.

  6. So now it is the end of March, 2014. The binding arbitration has come and gone. The lawyer for the board has stated on WBOC that the intent of the board from the beginning was to strip teachers of power. Wow!!! What an admission. On the public airwaves. I am reminded of the law enacted that legalized collective bargaining by teachers in Delaware. Two cornerstones: collective bargaining would be legal; no strikes by teachers. Now, in Laurel, the board has pursued a strategy to bargain without bargaining. Not a good faith effort, and not in accordance with the law, either. So, Laurel teachers, I propose that you have the moral high ground. If the school board refuses to bargain with you, then morally, if not legally, you have the right to strike, and strike you should do, and you should do it the day the decision is rendered. Prepare to be out of the buildings, now. Prepare to be out of the state, now. Strike, strike, strike. Your professional lives depend upon it. These persons, from the board to their hired gun, the high-priced attorney attest to the idea that the board thinks you are captive. Show them they are wrong and level the playing field. Who will teach when 150 teachers are in Salisbury? Laurel struck before and the time to do it again is now. I am with you, my brothers and sisters.

    • Don’t kill the messenger here, but I am told over the years when Laurel didn’t have money during union bargaining they gave the teachers extra benefits. My source claims Laurel teachers have more benefits than most teachers in the state. I had to do the same when I was bargaining with the State Police when the state was broke; gave extra benefits.
      With that said, if the administration wants to take some of those benefits back, they need to cough up some money for the teachers or back off.
      I was also informed the money the union claims was paid to the administrators in the form of raises, was only a shift in the same monies; administers who left with higher salaries were replaced with lower salaries; some who had not had raises for several years were given modest raises, but no extra money was used.

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