Applebee’s is experimenting with a new table top computer which allows patrons to order their fare and pay without seeing a waiter or waitress.
The customer will place their order on the computer and food will be served via server. Want a refill, enter your request and your drink will be served to you.
Applebee’s say the system will enable them to turn tables over faster serving more customers by them not having to wait to be served.
Others say it is just another way for a company to avoid paying benefits by hiring less help.
Wonder who you tip?
What are your thoughts?



  1. Automation has been eliminating low and no skill jobs for many years. As time rolls on, and the applications grow, it will move higher up the food chain. These machines/applications do not call in sick, do not want a higher minimum wage, do not need Obamacare and don’t have much interest in unionizing. The public, oblivious to the lost jobs, accepts the technology as innovative, time saving and, in many cases, price reducing. Corporations report higher earnings on “increase productivity”, keywords for “we replaced workers with technology and those we did not replace work twice as hard for the same pay”.

    Have you seen a chart of the labor force participation rate lately? At the current rate of change, the number of people out of the work force will surpass the number of employed people in about 4 years.

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