Anyone who thinks people in Laurel don’t want to know what is going on in their schools listen to this.

We posted two stories yesterday from the Teachers Union; this blog recorded 3506 people who turned in to read the stories and comments.

Now is they show up tonight for the school board meeting????



  1. I really hope hat the citizens of Laurel make a good showing at the meeting tonight and demand some answers. However, these employment decisions will be made before anyone else will be able to ask questions or make comments. This sort of thing is handled in executive session is it not??

    • More than likely the decisions will be made in closed session and the vote in public will just be a formality. This is wrong; the public should have input and allow the board members in open session to comment on their vote.

      • They don’t want the community to know because if Mr. Swains contract is renewed, you’ll see a big disagreement higher than district level.

  2. Last night the public did show up however when the voting for administrators came we did not know who they were voting for because they were called A,B,C, and D.

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