When the Laurel school board and administration drafted the original plans for the new school and referendum, on the drawing board was the demolition of the original HS built in the early 1900’s.

Alumni and the Laurel Alumni Association rallied their objections to the plan and the district compromised saying they would leave the original building for administration purposes and demolish the buildings built in the 1950’s attached to the original school building.

Today I hear their is talk again from the administration of demolishing the original school which housed at one time all the grades 1-12. This can easily be confirmed or denied by a statement from the school district?

What are your feelings?



  1. frank, of course i want that building to remain. i started school the year the addition was complete. but, seriously, does it really matter what anyone thinks? all of us know they will do as they darn well please.

      • I thought that when the referendum was voted on the projected idea was that the building was to remain and only remove the newer portions. How do you change this much? Guess we can’t trust too much anymore. Who benefits from this change?

  2. but the point is there is no point to prior arrangements, or even current plans the community wants imput on. there is only one law of the land. i am so disappointed, bitter, and angry. really want to get past this.

  3. Hope it’s just another false rumor being spread throughout Facebook land. I agree the original school should remain…some things are more than sentimental…they are part of Laurel history. But just look what happened to downtown…only in our memories now.

  4. There was input. Mr Ewald and the site engineer held three separate town hall meetings and this option was one that was mentioned. I think they said DelDot had an issue now with the plan to build at North Laurel thus requiring a possible change. He asked our thoughts and we gave them. But it isn’t surprising more aren’t aware of it… I was one of two in attendance. Not sure how attendance was at the other two. Anyway, I myself don’t want to see the old school go either (my grandparents, parents, my wife and I all attended there) but I will say this about our town. In my opinion, We do have a bit if history of letting progress pass us by. It started when DuPont wanted to build in Laurel and we said no. We continue that tradition.

    • Matt I would have thought this issue should have been resolved at the planning stage. Because I understand now administration will be moving to North Laurel, so that leads me to believe the old HS is going.
      Matt a town can be progressive while salvaging the old; the history of the town once destroyed cannot be replaced.

  5. There’s no reason why something or someone can utilize the building instead of knocking it down. . . . . out with the old and in with the new I guess

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