After suspending Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson from the show for his racial slurs, A&E has reversed their decision and lifted the suspension; The show must go on $$$$$$ say’s A&E.

The “Duck” patriarch was on indefinite “hiatus” because of his anti-gay views tied to his Bible teachings and anti-black remarks.

Cracker Barrel also took the “Duck merchandise off their shelves, but later relented and restored the merchandise. Robertson’s mug could be seen in all department and specialty stores this Christmas. The show is the largest money maker for A&E and his merchandise was flying off the shelves.

Family members of the :Duck” show said they would not continue without the family patriarchs participation which would cost A&E a fortune.

A&E gave some lame excuse for bringing back Robertson because the show invokes religious beliefs because they pray together at the conclusion of every show. BS


3 thoughts on “MONEY TALKS…AGAIN

  1. Anybody that did not see from the beginning of this charade that this was about more pub and money for the Robertsons and A and E has to be blind.

  2. Everyone wins, the Robertson’s get their leader back, and more publicity, A&E will get bigger ratings, the Homosexual community got their point across, and Jesse Jackson got his say in the matter as well. Everyone wins…..A true Christmas Miracle.

  3. I submit that A&E had this planned before they ever set up the GQ interview with Robertson. And it turned out even better than they had planned.

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