I had an interesting post on my FB page recently from an elected official responding to legislation passed and on going in Dover saying people are really not aware nor care what is going on in the legislature.
I found the comment interesting, because more and more I think this is a valid conclusion of many Americans as a result of frustration with elected officials, the games they play and the corruption.
I also found the comment upsetting that this I don’t care attitude is what the politicians want, and we are playing into their hands?
Shouldn’t we be in an uproar over the quality of government we have and become more involved? Is it our dissatisfaction of their performance the reason we don’t care or is it because we are too lazy to become involved?
I’d like to hear from my readers their thoughts on the issue; are you interested in what our government is doing or do you follow what the government leaders do and say? Let’s have an open forum here.


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