I think we can all agree most gun shootings are by people with emotional unstable minds. And guns don’t kill, people kill, and all able minded people should have the right to own guns.
Now that we agree on those issues wouldn’t we want those unstable unable to have a gun since most of the killings occur from that group?
So why did the Delaware State Senate allow a gun control measure to die this week? The Senate says they were pressured by citizens who thought it threatened Second Amendment rights to bear arms. What about the rights of the victims shot and kill by the mentally ill?
From what I understand about a part of the bill; if a patient is talking with his doctor and says I have had dreams of killing people or some other violent act shouldn’t the doctor have the right to notify authorities or post a report in some sort of data system that sets up a red flag? Touchy subject I know.
Advocates for the mentally ill rightly worried ill-considered laws would have labeled people with mental illness as potential killers, a stigma that would have been inaccurate and terribly unfair.
However the problem exists, many states have failed to address the problem of troubled young men and their access to firearms.
President Obama has proposed funding for more mental health centers; a problem that has been neglected by our government much too long.
No matter how many laws we put on the books we’ll never be able to stop shootings; in the case of the retired policeman in FL who shot and killed a young man in a movie theater, when we snap we snap. All of those years on the police force having to bite his tongue finally got to him.
But the problem is here and we can’t continue to bowing down to the threats and pressures of the NRA while not considering the safety of our innocent victims.



  1. I couldn’t get behind the bill because what concerns me is who will be the person or persons that would deem people too crazy to own firearms? Would there be any integrity to the selections and could the integrity be maintained? It’s a nice thought but I don’t believe it could be implemented fairly.

    • I agree with your concern, Ed. And I think that the libs wanting to say “we can’t continue to bowing down to the threats and pressures of the NRA” is very misleading, to say the least, when people like you and I have legitimate concerns. Also, based on big city statistics alone, many more people are killed by evil criminals than “by people with emotional(ly) unstable minds”.

  2. I agree with you until the very end when you implied that the NRA is the problem. Posted on their web site in January 24, 2013, “Since 1966, the National Rifle Association has urged the federal government to address the problem of mental illness and violence. As we noted then, the time is at hand to seek means by which society can identify, treat and temporarily isolate such individuals, because
    elimination of the instrument by which these crimes are committed cannot arrest the ravages of a psychotic murderer”.

    You are going to have to find another boogeyman.

  3. Did anyone even read the bill?

    “Newly created § 1448B sets forth a procedure whereby law enforcement, upon receiving a report of a violent person and who is demonstrating behaviors that the provider believes are dangerous can refer the matter to the Department of Justice to petition the Superior Court for an order requiring such person to relinquish the person’s firearms or ammunition.


    …… avoid liability that all treating mental health professionals must report dangerous persons to law enforcement.”

    Read it again. To avoid LIABILITY, they MUST report. So much for counseling. If your provider even THINKS you MAY, at some time, have a violent outbreak, your going to get a visit from the police, who, without your knowledge, have been given a court order to take away your guns. No provider in their right mind would let even the smallest inkling of violence go unreported as they are now LIABLE.

    You THEN, after the fact, have to hire a lawyer and fight the court system to prove your sanity? That’s insane.

    Even worse, the bill would criminalize you for something you MAY do? And that’s ok?

  4. On Labor Day 2012 I nearly ripped the top of my thumb off due to my carelessness when firing off my crossbow after a morning hunt. The barrage of impertinent questions during triage at the emergency room eventually became comical. Was I or have I ever had any suicidal thoughts? How exactly did this happen? (at least three times) He even tried to implicate my wife in the incident. (not just my perception, ask her) It got to the point I thought it was a joke. What if I had failed to answer these ridiculous questions in a manner that did not suit the interviewer?

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