A super box which sells for $350,000 during the regular football season in NJ is selling for $1.3 million, for the Super Bowl game, apparently sold since it is no longer listed.

Tickets for a seat are going for over $3000. With wide screen TVs, instant replays, isn’t it more desirable to be sitting home next to a refrigerator, snacks, and a kitchen in the warm comfort of your home then sub-freezing temperatures?

I get to see instant replay, the commercials, sometimes the best part of the game, a great view of the halftime performance, close up of the hard hits all for …….FREE!

I use to attend the Army Navy games and freeze off my butt, and attended early only to see the pre-game line-up of the two militaries and the side-line antics they pulled on each other, but people at home saw a much more detailed football game. And we always left early to beat the crowds out of the stadium, sometimes even before the tide turned on the field.

Even if I had the money I would have no desire to be in that mob.

Am I missing something?


3 thoughts on “HAVE WE LOST OUR MINDS?

  1. You are missing something. Companies buy almost all the tickets and give them away. So call the guy who manages the calio fortune and tell him you are available

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