Most of my readers know my stand on gun issues; I believe in the Second Amendment everyone should have the right to bear arms, I just don’t believe everyone needs to have a military assault rifle to defend themselves, nor should they be available for resale to the public.

Having said that, I see nothing wrong with the following TV ad being banned from the Super Bowl commercials by the NFL, except the end of the ad shows something more than an ordinary rifle or pistol.

If they are trying to keep guns out of the hands of kids, I bet the halftime show will have more nudity and no-no’s, maybe another costume malfunction than this commercial.

What are your thoughts? After the ad watch the commentary.




  1. I thought the ad was very tastefully done. Not surprised at all that the NFL declined to let it air. I’m sure they want to avoid all the cries and protests from the anti-freedom types, that you just know would be coming had they aired it. As far as Colion’s commentary…spot on and on point. In agreement 100%.

  2. Just what is it about a black gun with fancy hardware that gets everyone’s panties twisted? You do realize that being black with removable hardware does not make a gun a “military assault rifle”, right? Do you honestly believe real military grade assault rifles are just sitting on store shelves waiting for the next psycho to purchase? Do you know the process to purchase a REAL military assault rifle? Any idea what Delaware’s laws are for REAL military assault rifles? Do you even know the difference between a “military assault rifle and the AR15 for sale at the local gun shop? Just more propaganda BS. I guess if you tell a lie enough times people begin to believe its the truth.

    As usual, Noir does an excellent job pointing out the hypocrisy of the argument.

  3. All I know is if anything horrible happens in this country the people without guns will be running to the people with guns for protection. I personally would laugh and close the door.

    Does that mean I want something to happen? No, absolutely not. I never want anything bad to happen in my country and I most certainly don’t want to use my firearms against another human being. That being said, I have them in case I need them. What do you have? A phone? In a national emergency do you really think you’ll be able to get a hold of anyone let alone emergency personnel?

    It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    All of my guns are black. Maybe I should paint them pink and put little breast cancer ribbons on it for visual sake of liberals everywhere….. Nah..

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