Seaford resident’s overwhelmingly rejected a referendum to aid the city’s schools Thursday.

The rejection was loud and clear with 77% of the voters, 1,918 against and 574 for.

A sign of the times? Voters revolting against more taxation?

If the referendum had passed it would have raised property taxes 74 cents per $100 of assessed value. The referendum was to replace a $1.2 million shortfall needed to replace Seaford’s Race to the Top program.

Seaford like many other towns in western Sussex have seen the quality of life shrink especially since DuPont closed their doors; manufacturing jobs are gone replaced by minimum wage jobs.

The once young population in the area has been replaced by senior citizens as witnessed by the voters standing in line to voted Thursday.

And many people are dissatisfied with the way schools are spending their money.

The school board is allowed to bring up the vote again, and probably will. Good luck with that.



  1. I think the response was more of a reflection of concern over leadership than the money. Everyone wants good schools because they drive a good community- no one wants to vote against the youth. I think things may be changing for the better in Seaford. Dr. Carson can hopefully put a new vision in place that everyone can get behind

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