I just finished reading an interesting article in the STAR about how Seaford is using their surplus funds from their recent building program and how they are NOT using theirs in Laurel.

Both schools have had recent referendums, and both schools have had a surplus because both bids were done during a very soft construction market, quoting Seaford’s Building and Grounds supervisor Roy Whitaker.

Seaford is planning $5 million in renovations that were not planned as part of the original project in classrooms that were built 50 year’s ago and had not been updated.

The updates in Seaford included renovating the science classrooms at a cost of $1.7 million; classrooms adjacent to the science wing are also being renovated to make them accessible to the handicapped, with new wall configuration’s, and they added three new classrooms.

The extra money made possible installation of energy=efficient LED lighting throughout the high school, new flooring and new staggered seats in the HS auditorium.

Now get this, they were also able to rehab completely the football field and the walking track around it.

Laurel, with their $3 million plus surplus has decided to build a new football field which voters turned down twice instead of renovating the existing field which I would take over Seaford’s and add a concession stand; the existed one can be expanded and upgraded and a dressing room for the teams which will be used for four games each year.

Saying the Laurel High School is too old to rehab, because of the relocation of the football field, the new elementary school had to be moved from the designated location prior to the referendum and located at the site of the original HS which is now scheduled to be demolished, another turn around from the original proposal.

Whereas the original HS was to be used for administrative offices including department supervisors, and meeting rooms for the public, demolishing that building moves all of this to the North Laurel School which at the onset was also set to either be demolished or given up as surplus property.

Now, something is not right here.


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