If you attended the last Laurel School Board meeting you heard the announcement Laurel is holding a public forum to discuss the details concerning the controversial demolition of the 1921 former high school.
If you weren’t at the meeting their has been no further communication; thus lies the problem. I guess they expect 10,000 residents of the school district to attend every board meeting; otherwise you know nothing, then they can tell you, “Why we announced it”.
The meeting is at 7:00 at the Laurel Middle School which is the school in question, THIS Wednesday night. Plan to attend or forever hold your tongue.



  1. So they are holding a forum? Does this mean we may ask questions and get answers? Or will they pretend to listen to us and take our thoughts into consideration but leave with their minds already made up?

    • I would hope they will give us their reasons then allow comment. I don’t expect any changes, I think this is just a white wash to smooze the citizens that they gave us an option to blow off steam. Too little too late.

      • I’m sure you are right Mr. Calio. It’s sad but true. I just want to know how they can justify spending money on a new athletic complex when they fear we may not have enough funds to operate next year? Our children and teachers are already doing without. What’s next? There’s already talk about laying off more teachers at the end of the school year. It’s very unfortunate that dedicated parents are having to make difficult decisions to move their children to different districts. I am so disappointed and disheartened by the lack of leadership within our district. I pray that the state of Delaware intervenes and takes over Laurel so we can begin to repair what’s broken.

    • Any chance the Board will agree to save the old building as a positive move to divert attention away from the failed arbitration?

  2. Whoops I didn’t realize that once you started replying, your comments weren’t moderated. My mistake…. For those of you who are wondering why I chose to not use my name now; I have been personally attacked for standing up for the Laurel teachers and students. My 12 year old opened an anonymous letter that questioned my character. I’m sorry if you don’t understand my reasoning but that’s my explanation. I love Laurel and have supported our schools completely. I never once thought I would consider sending my boys anywhere but Laurel. Unfortunately, there comes a time when you have to choose to get off the sinking ship.

  3. When the state issues bond money, it is for a specific purpose and the state must approve any changes. The bond money can’t be used to pay teachers, buy supplies or renovate existing buildings. The money going for the sports complex can’t be used to renovate the 1921 building (Middle School) per the state.

    • As Jim explained it to me about the football field and the middle school…….money is allocated for a specific item or building and you have to use the money for that purpose. He added when the state gives the state police money for police cars they can’t say…………the heck with getting new police cars we will get more troopers. He said you just can’t do that.

      • Janet again I have to disagree with Jim; the board can reallocate money for buildings, not salaries. I have used left over bond money when I was with public safety to paint DVM in Wilmington and put in sidewalks at DMV in Georgetown. I couldn’t pay salaries, but it was my call on buildings.

      • Frank, I don’t know and Jim has gone to work so I can’t tell him what you just said in your comment. Ask them to the meeting and I guess you will get the answer.

  4. I will be there next week but expect the same reponse as I get at board meetings…
    “Thank you for your input.” Never once has a board member responded or asked for clarifictions on our concerns. I was not born in Laurel and did not attend these schools but I have repect for the wishes of the voters. I personally voted to have a new sports complex when we voted for the referendum. That did not pass and I was fine with that because this is (or was) the deomocratic process that governs us. I have repect for the way the vote came out and believe the tax payers have a right to demand that the district use the money the way they intended it to be used. I am tired of the behind the scenes tactics. Board members and Mr. Ewald did not attend the arbitration hearings and did not listen to all of the financial information that was presented. I pray every night for the children in the Laurel School District.

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