Despite pleas from the Republican Party not to seek another term for County Council, Vance Phillips filed today for re-election.

Recently a blog on with the Sussex County Republican chairman saying he should not run again. Supported by the Executive Committee the chairman said whether Phillips is proven guilty or not, it’s the perception.

Philips replied in a TV interview Wednesday evening that he thought the job of the Republican chairman was to fight the other party not members of his own party.



  1. I’ve got words for John Riley if I ever come across him out in the world. He overstepped his bounds with Vance, offended me and every other Vance voter. I don’t have much respect for anyone that tries to make an end run around the voters. Not to mention the fact that Mr. Riley hasn’t responded to my email while Vance responded right away. I’ll remember that next time the Sussex GOP wants money or support for something.

  2. I support causes & people that I personally believe in. Partisanship is not considered. I support Republicans fiscally and Democrats socially, to an extent. There is no party for people like me and I’m ok with that.

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