Politically it makes good sense to write a letter to Pfizer asking for job assurances should the merger with AstraZeneca happen; in reality he’s blowing smoke, because Pfizer could give a rat’s ass what the governors of Maryland and Delaware want.

It’s all about money governor, Pfizer will save millions by moving their headquarters to England where AstraZeneca is based because they won’t have to pay a penny in U.S. or state taxes. Delaware is slated to lose millions in state corporate fees; it’s simply a business decision.

Forget the fact governor that the state of Delaware provided millions in infrastructure, roads, bridges and hundreds of thousands in tax breaks and incentives to bring AstraZeneca to NCCo.

Delaware stands to lose 2,600 jobs, Maryland 3,100. Dispite any insurances of keeping jobs, normally when a merger occurs, duplicate jobs are cut for cost savings.

Corporations are whores. They take a states incentives which usually make the companies hire a certain number, pay a certain wage and benefits for a set number of years; when that time expires they go looking for tax breaks from other states, opting for the best deal; like I said whores!



  1. You are exactly right Mr. Calio
    It’s all about “BUSINESS”
    Something our State hasn’t done well in recent years.
    I’m not sure what the fix is-but one thing for sure.
    When my “income” exceeds my “out-go” I cannot stay solvent.
    I’m not sure why the State hasn’t figured that out.
    But that’s another story, another time!
    Hope you have a great day!

    • Unfortunately when our check book runs out of money we have no one to turn to for help; the government on the other hand does have someone to turn to…We the people in the form of higher taxes.

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