Most anyone with some knowledge would know what the letters NAACP stand for or at least if they can’t put the letters together they understand the organization represents an organization for the advancement of the Black population. The “C” in NAACP stands for ‘Colored’ an outdated term not used today to describe that segment of our population in this country.

One would think an elected official, a person elected by all races would have knowledge of the organization, but no not in Sussex County, and not on our County Council.

Councilman Sam Wilson, (R) who has in the past shown signs of not being over friendly with some minorities yesterday showed his continued ignorance in that area by stating he didn’t know what the letters meant. After prompting by Council President Mike Vincent, (R) trying to cover the blatant remark by Wilson saying “I know what it means, and I hope you do,” instead of backing off Wilson asks the question again about the organization.

The Lower Sussex NAACP Youth Council asked for $500 to sponsor a forum, nothing different from the groups which came forth to Council that day, and asked for and received grants which come from Council members accounts Wilson refused to give his $100 share.

Councilman Vance Phillips chimed in saying he agreed with Wilson because the grant was for a ‘certain race’. Wilson usually votes the same way as Phillips, I guess this was Phillips pay back for some of those votes.

Wilson held his ground when Councilman Cole motioned to divide the $500 between the other three council members saying he would not give any money.

Philips tried to redeem himself, probably realizing he was up for re-election after he made a dumb statement in behalf of his co-hart Wilson by throwing Wilson under the bus and voting along with the other three council members.

A funny side bar; last year when this same organization came up for a vote, Wilson reportedly had left the room for a personal moment, when Cole motioned $100 be given from each council members petty cash account and it passed, and council adjourned the meeting. When Wilson came in he asked what he missed; when told of the vote it was reported he went into a rampage. Phillips voted for that grant last year without comment.

While many are angry at Wilson’s remarks, you have to consider the source; here is a man who as a councilman stated he didn’t believe in the libraries receiving any aid from the county; “I’ve never been in a library in my life,” Wilson said.

I’m sure there are supporters of what Wilson said, especially in the district he represents, many of them self-proclaimed Christians like Wilson. Go figure in this day and time?



  1. I think we all can agree that no one is perfect. I know what NAACP stands for because the Jesse Jackson’s of the world have gone above an beyond forcing it down our throats for decades now. Every time their is crime or perceived crime against a minority the NAACP is there banging its drum & getting its 5 minutes in the limelight. Though I think the NAACP is an archaic organization formed in different times and it does more to reverse the advancement of “colored people” than actually advance them.

    Meanwhile in Sussex county 3 white dudes are talking about a topic on a blog that has never and will never affect them.

    • E what’s your response to the ACLU which usually defends non-black people. Doesn’t he NAACP do for blacks what the ACLU does for whites? Is the ACLE an archaic group as well?

  2. I didn’t know the ACLU directly affiliated itself with one particular group of people….like the NAACP does. American Civil Liberties Union on its face even looks like its for all Americans not just whites. A better question is why do you think the ACLU is a “whites only” organization?

  3. Frank, why did you bring the American Civil Lefties Union, if you can show where they have taken a conservative case let me know.

    Had to go there.

    • No, didn’t mean that, I know they are liberal, sometimes too much for me, but I was trying to state, yes, the NAACP takes on some cases I wonder why, but to show their group is no different than any group, NRA, churches, unions, protecting their own.

  4. My understanding of at least three points you make is at variance with yours: 1] The organization did not request a specific dollar amount, but the county finance director pointed out that the group had received $500 when last funded ($100 from each council member); 2] they were last funded on April 12, 2012, not last year; 3] Council minutes show that Wilson voted to fund the group in 2012, making the vote 5-0. The vote was taken by roll call.

  5. The news article says the request was for $500 and that this group received $1000 last time. I know for a fact when a vote was taken last year, Sam was to the potty, came back like I said and was told it passed 4-0 to take an equal amount out of each council persons fund.

  6. Mr Calio. I was quite specific providing dates and particulars to support my assertions. You are not. A simple search of the county website will corroborate my assertions that the group was last funded in 2012 in the amount of $500 and that Wilson was present and voted “yea.” The vote was 5-0. There was no request for funding in 2013 and no funding was provided.

    Let me be clear: I find what Wilson and Phillips said to be despicable. But I also am interested in knowing what actually happened. If you are as well, you will substantiate your claims in full.

  7. Frank, please try to explain your correlation between Mr. Wilson’s ignorance of the NAACP and self-proclaimed Christians.

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