A crowd of 300 alumni and guest attended the annual Laurel Alumni Banquet at the Laurel Fire Hall Saturday night where $27,500 in scholarships were 15 scholarships at $1500 each were awarded to 12 students from Laurel and surrounding schools. To date the organization has presented over $450,000 in scholarships.

Alumni President Dr. Bill Campbell expressed concern the membership had dropped, now around 900 from a high of around 1300 asking the audience for help.

The problem here is he is preaching to the choir, the problem is the kids receiving scholarship and their generations are not joining the organization or any organization for that matter. This organization is not the only group suffering losses, all organizations have the same complaint.

Driving home my wife and I discussed the decline. She offered during our era, many moms stayed home, and getting out to the PTA meeting, or groups like the Laurel Alumni offered a night out; today moms work, and their work continues when the come home, thus no time for social organizations; a shame, but a sign of the times I guess.

State Senator Bob Venables was given a resounding round of applause twice, once at the urging of former State Representative/Insurance Commissioner David Elliott and Dr. Campbell for finding funding to preserve the entire façade of the former Laurel High School, the 1921 building that was slated for demolishing.



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